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Any Schneids' Devotees?(Proposal)

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Well, this is a form of measurement, to gauge how much CDC'ers still love the guy. He is a heckuva' tender, it's true.

First, Miller(1.5 mill retained) & Vey to SJ, for their 2015 2nd rounder.

Then Eddie Lack, the 2015 2nd & Cole Cassels to New Jersey for...Cory Schneider.


Miller, Lack & Vey(Garrison) were all FA signings(no picks invested).

Cassels was a 3rd rounder. So we'd get Horvat(original deal), & Schneider for at least seven more years.

Kesler(were rumours valid?) & Gillis are gone. CS is well liked in Van's room.

Schneids would cost us 7.5 mill(Millsy's hit included) for two yrs, then back to 6 mill, AAV.

Cory & Markstrom would be one Helluva' tandem.


Get emerging star in Cassels, & a cheap option in Lack. Cash flow for them is probably a much smaller stream than Vancouver.

Also recoup a 2nd. They also have Florida's(Jagr deal).

This team needs to rebuild. Lack being younger fits their timeline.

edit-Schneids is 7 yrs, not only 5.

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Imagine on DD in 2013, we'd offered Lack and our 3rd for their #9 OA. LL woulda' died laughing.

At that time, Miller & Garrison didn't exist(in our world of 50 contracts). We obtained them partly because of cap space, trades like this original deal made possible.

So what was impossible then, is no longer inconceivable as things currently stand.

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The argument could be made that Schneider is the top young goaltender in the game today. He has no goal support (nothing new for him in his career) but still gives his team a chance every game. I love his mechanics and he also has ability to make that second save. I thought we had him for the next 10 years, but no typical we get rid of a true proven stud. The only reason this isnt a big deal on CDC is because we luckily drafted Horvat. I was ready to strangle Gillis when I heard that trade at the draft, but since Horvat showed quite a bit of potential most people forget just how good Schneids was.

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