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Edmonton Arizona and Yes 3rd overall

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Let's play this out

For some reason people think prospects and cast offs are going to get us the 3rd overall. A pick which represents that rare #1 franchise defining defenceman.

They seem to forget that 28 other teams in the league exist and about half of them can offer amazing offers that exceed our cast offs and prospects.


Edmonton: RNH, Eberle 2015 1st round pick 16th overall (Pitts) 2015 2nd round pick (edmontons) Musil

Arizona Offers: 2015 1st overall (3rd) 2015 3rd round pick, Gormley

Arizona: nets 2 top 6 players in Eberle and RNH to solidify their scoring depth. These are players under 26 years old, under contract. They also get an additional 1st and an earlier 2nd higher 2nd round pick and Musil who is a larger bodied Left shooting D man only 22 years old. Fits their current age group for their unending rebuild

Edmonton: Nets that 3rd overall pick. This gives them that trifecta of having a potential generational 1st line center, a league challenging #1 defensive prospect in Prorov or Hanifin and a secondary center in Draisatl. They also obtain Gormley who is the puck moving and ranging D man Schultz never was. They also obtain an additional 3rd round pick to offset.

Edmonton can wildly overpay right now and still not really affect their on ice product. Because they've been so bad lately they can still take another year under Chiarelli and figure out their roster while obtaining a #1 center in McDavid and a #1 D man in Prorov or Hanifin all while dropping over $10 million in cap in 2 players that would be sought by basically 29 other teams in the league.

This is not an entirely serious proposal. Just an eye opener to show people that even IF Arizona was floating the 3rd overall in this years draft, there's no way we can outbid Buffalo, Edmonton, Carolina or numerous other teams without basically destroying our prospect depth.

Because no matter how people want to look at it. Higgins, Hansen McCann and a few 1st round picks are not enticing to a team like Arizona right now.

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