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Some trades/signings

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Hey guys let me know what you think, Ive just been playing around on that NHLguru.net site that someone posted a link to on another thread here. Got tired of doing Calgary and Edmonton, too easy cause they have too much cap space. Let me know what you think of these trades for Vancouver?

Trade 1 Van-Philly

To Philly: Tanev, he's a great defender and it doesnt make alot of sense being as Vans blueline is a little thin ATM, but if you be patient and check out the rest of my moves, it might be more logical. Why it works for Philly, Philly NEEDs a true top pairing Dman, Tanevs not an all star or anything, but he can play top pairing minutes and shut down the leagues superstars pretty well. (Plus you can't just throw names like Higgins, Jensen etc around, you have to actually think, is the player Im trading worth something in someone else's eyes, c'mon guys the trade has to be attractive to both teams), plus this sheds some cap for Van.

To Van: Couturier, 2nd round pick(Chicagos, 59 or 60 overall). Why Van does this? Van needs a 2C that has 1C potential, Bonino is NOT a 2C. Couturier has been around eneough that he can step right in and perform. He is also young eneough that he will be peaking when some of Vans prospects start to come up which is perfect, and he's got 1C potential for when Hank hangs em up. Van also needs another(few) top 100 picks in this years draft, so the late 2nd helps.

Trade 2 Van - NJ

To NJ - Radim Vrbata and Kassian. Why? NJ desperatly needs goal scoring, Vrbata gives them some extra punch next year on the second line, and Kassian gets a change of pace and likely a better chance for growth in a younger system.

To Van - Eric Gelinas and 2nd(from FLA). Van picks up a highly touted young Dman who would be a top four anchor for years to come, and, another 2nd in this years draft, frees up more cap.

Trade 3 Van - Edmonton

To Edmonton: Lack, Corrado, 2nd(60th overall, from Philly Trade) Edmonton gets another goalie to try as well as a decent D prospect to add to their pool

To Van: 1st, 16th Overall and 3rd(86th overall,(STL)), Van grabs an additional 1st rounder, and adds a mid third rounder, giving them 2 1sts, a 2nd and a 3rd, recouping the lost picks.


Adam Mquaid @ 2mil per for 3-4 years

Line up:

Sedin Sedin Virtanen (to start the season, inject some youth and see what the kid can do)

Baertschi( either makes it or goes to waivers) Couturier Burrows - good mix of experience/youth

Higgins Horvat Hansen

Gaunce Bonino Dorsett


Edler Weber

Hamhuis McQuad(heck of a shut down pair)

Gelinas Bieksa (Gelinas' speed and skill makes up for Bieksas well, everything)




Cap Space available $6.5

I think this lineup keeps everyone happy, keeps the vets in place, but injects some youth in different spots on the forward group, The D group is toughened up alot with both McQuaid and Gelinas, and Gelinas slots in as a future top pairing Dman. Yes I know, I see Weber on the first D pairing too, this is for balance. See each of these pairings can go out and play competent hockey against any line in the NHL IMO. If Hamhuis shows his age or slows down, you bang him down to the third pairing and bring up Gelinas to the second, and severely limit the third pairings time.

This approach allows the Canucks to remain competative, which is what ownership wants, as well as add draft picks this season, which is the general consensus of what fans want, as well as inject some of the youth into the lineup, because Vancouver is getting to that point where you have to see what you got. I know everyone here talks of the " Detroit" model, but realistically, Vancouver needs to see exactly what they are working with soon, so they can make choices for the future.

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None of those trades are accepted by the other team. I'm not sure which is worst, but that Edmonton deal sure makes them laugh.

And if you think Baertschi goes on waivers then you're a fool. Benning didn't trade a 2nd rounder at the deadline to waive the kid in October.

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That defense is embarrassing. Weber is a 7th defenseman and he is on the first pairing...

Weber is a Top-4 on our team. Our defense is already bad.

#7 guys don't QB the PP and lead your teams defense in goals.


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