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RIP Sir Christopher Lee

Mr. Ambien

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Was hoping this was a hoax. :(


Sir Christopher Lee, the deep-voiced dramatic actor known to several generations for his portrayal of villains in "Dracula," "James Bond" and "Lord of the Rings" movies, has died. He was 93.

The news of Lee’s June 7 death was first reported by the U.K.’s Telegraph, which published his death certificate. His wife waited to go public with the news of his death in order to have time to inform family members, according to The Guardian.

Lee had an illustrious military career before he became known in the acting world. He voluntarily enlisted in the military and served in the Royal Air Force and Special Forces for five years during World War II. Poor eyesight prevented him becoming a pilot, and he served as an intelligence officer in North Africa and Italy.

In 1947, Lee first tried his hand at acting. With his 6-foot-4-inch, towering frame, it didn't take long for Lee's career to take off and by 1952 he'd landed a role in the Oscar-nominated film "Moulin Rouge." His career took off from there, and he appeared in more than 250 movies, but for many was forever known as the vampire Count Dracula in a slew of "Hammer Horror" movies — the gory, gothic thrillers churned out by the British studio in the 1950s and 1960s that became hugely popular.

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I never get upset or sad when people I don't know or have ever met pass away. Don't need to co-opt my sadness by attaching it to others who have been directly affected by it.

That said, I'm actually saddened by this. I remember prior to The Hobbit films being made, he mentioned that he may not reprise his role because flying was too difficult for him. My first thought was, "Come on, really?" Then I looked at his age and remembered my grandparents who passed away in their 90s and thought "My grandparents were in pretty rough shape throughout their mid 80s and 90s. Him saying that he finds flying too difficult is more than acceptable."

He really lived a long and fruitful life. Was married to the same woman for 54 years.

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Such a loss

Played Sherlock and Mycroft.

Was a spy

Killed anyone in his way in 2 different wars

Put out a heavy metal album in his 90's...yes in his 90's he was more metal than most metal bands

Was The Emperor

Was Dracula

Spoke like 8 different languages

Was Sarauman

Like seriously...this guy has been acting since the 40's or some such thing. And now he's gone, Sean Connery and Harrison Ford are next and we're STILL stuck with the frigging Kardashians. Not only stuck with them, but they're now reproducing

There is no hope any more

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