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Medical marijuana legal in all forms, Supreme Court rules


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Medical marijuana patients will now be able to consume marijuana — and not just smoke it — as well as use other extracts and derivatives, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled today.

The ruling expands the definition of medical marijuana beyond the "dried" form.

The country's highest court found the current restriction to dried marijuana violates the right to liberty and security "in a manner that is arbitrary and hence is not in accord with the principles of fundamental justice."

Restricting medical access to marijuana to a dried form has now been declared "null and void."

The decision upholds earlier rulings by lower courts in British Columbia.

More to come

Ganja believe it mon?

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Matter of time until we finally smarten up and legalize it...

We are on the cusp. If we can ouster Harper and the Cons this year it may happen sooner than later. It will happen in our lifetime I bet.

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You guys are weird.

It'll be legal within the next few years.

"Marijuana has never gone through the regulatory approval process at Health Canada, which of course, requires a rigorous safety review and clinical trials with scientific evidence."

Health Canada. What a joke. The same agency that allows aspartame and high fructose corn syrup to be in anything.

Aspartame caused migraines for my dad for years and years and years and years.

It seems to me health Canada doesn't see what's best for its citizens, rather what's best for their wallets.

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I still doubt legalization ever happens. Decriminalization would be the most likely scenario....only really when the crown cannot afford to police the bigger issues.

Alcohol on the other hand now that should be illegal ....wait what ?

I say it'll happen within the next 10 years or sooner. If it's already happening in the States, Canada can't be too far behind, especially as more young people start voting.

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