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(Proposal) Van - Arz

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Similar to the Tye McGinn trade from Philly to San Jose.

To Arz

Nicklas Jensen

To Van

2015 3rd Round Pick 63rd overall

With the rumours of trading Lack for a 2nd and now trading Jensen to Arz which would give us our 2nd/3rd picks back.

IMO Jensen will be shopped this offseason.

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I agree with this, Jensen I feel still is going to be a promising player when he fully develops, but he seems to have fallen outside of the bubble throughout the year despite how good he looked in the 13-14 season. Benning has said too that despite Jensen was originally expected to be a goal scorer, he expects Jensen is going to have to play with more of a Hansen style if he is to make the team next season. Even then I can see it being better for both sides to trade Jensen where he has more of a chance to play in the NHL.

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I'd rather take our NHL chances with Jensen than throw him away for a pretty useless 3rd round pick. He was a former 20-something pick, to drop 40 places in value is pretty worthless.

The kid may have been disappointing in the AHL last season but not worth dropping 40 draft spots. We might as well keep him, see how he does in training camp and hope he produces. People forget he absolutely lit it up in some brief stints in the big league, then struggled with consistency. Matter of the fact is that he has an NHL-ready shot, and if he can round out his game and become more consistent, he'll be a threat, even if it is on our 3rd line.

I'd be willing to trade Jensen for a good 2nd round pick at the worst, but any later is just a waste of development and potential.

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