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[Proposal] Draft and Offseason

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My Offseason Plan, Helps now but mostly for the future.

Trade 1. Hamhuis to LA for Richards, 1st #13 and 2nd #43....LA gets rid of the Richards contract they are desperatly trying to move. Hamhuis is brought in to replace Regehr. Richards Value is way down, and Hamhuis is worth a 1st rd pick. extra pick is added to sweeten the pot in hopes we make the deal

Trade 2. Vrbata to Washington for 1st #22....Wash. needs a top line RW and will not find that on the F/A market, they are going through a nice youth movement right now and will nove #22 to fill the hole they need. Van moves Vrbata to get the cap space for Richards. We get another 1st rd pick making it 3 in this draft.

Trade 3. Lack to Buffalo for Grigorenko......Buffalo needs a goalie and Lack will provide that for the foreseeable future. Benning is asking for a 2nd rd pick for Lack, but takes Grigorenko who is similar Value to Beartschi and needs a chance in a different system.

Trade 4. Bieksa and Bonino To Columbus for Rychel, 2nd #38.....Columbus gets some veteran help on D and a great depth Center on a good contract for 2 more seasons. These 2 players could be the depth pieces to help them into the playoffs and make a run. Van adds another young winger and a good pick for the draft.

Salary out-17.15 Salary in 6.675......Differance of 10.475

Salary heading into F/A- Around 16 million depending what it is set at

Draft-Wont be perfect but giving options at every pick depending who falls ect






My Ideal Picks-Meier, Svechnikov, Chabot, Meloche, Bracco

RFA Re-sign Beartschi, Clendenning, Markstrom and Grigorenko

UFA sign Ehrhoff- 3yr 4million per(replaces Hamhuis). Mcquaid 2yrs 2.5 per(replaces Bieksa)


















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The Richards negative value contract is pretty bad I think that gets it done. I like the picks and youth movement. I'm just not sold on Grigs I'd rather Lack to edmonton for 16th overall pieces can be added to make it fair.

Lack to Edm would work as well... get the 13 and 16 hope Meier and Merkley are there or Meier and Zboril

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no to LA deal, Richards is too cumbersome not so much the cap hit but the term is too much...

Other deals are w/e to me nothing spectacular, nothing jaw dropping.

I agree the Term is not ideal, But in the sense we are loosing, Hamhuis, Bieksa and Vrbata in these deals...Miller Higgins and Burrows off the books in 2 seasons, And a continued youth influx I think it is something we can live with for 2-3 seasons then explore a buy out.

Just IMO i would rather take Richards, Meier and Bracco than one more Season oh Hamhuis before he potentially walks.

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Very good proposal. I think the value is pretty close all round maybe tweeks but i would be ecstatic if any of these happened

Thanks i appreciate it, obviously every trade in the world will always need tweaking, aslong as im in the realm of a possibility is all i shoot for.

I aswell would be ecstatic if one happend, in stead of the usual dump our older players for picks proposals, i shot for something a little more to what Benning has been doing, Trading older players and Picks for NHL ready prospects like the Rychel and Grigorenko deals i suggested.

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I'm still concerned about the cap implications.

As you point out there's more going out than coming in, though not as much as indicated. Grigorenko is a RFA and will be due a good raise in his bridge contract.

While you rid Canucks of Hamhuis (1 yr), Lack (1 yr), Vrbata (1 yr), Bieksa (1 yr) and Bonino (2 yrs at a low cap hit and salary) you take on Richards for 5 more seasons.

It works for this season but for future seasons Canucks are probably worse off cap wise.

Could they afford it? Yes, but every dollar they overspend on players going forward is a dollar that they can't pay one of their younger players, someone they might wish they had the space to trade for or someone they might want to sign as a free agent.

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I doubt LA gives up that much for Hamhuis, maybe just the 13th overall by itself but we'd have to throw in a later pick. Doubt we get Richards as well, and even if we do, if he's bad enough to be the 5th string center on a non-playoff team, he's not good enough to be our 2nd line center. Also Bieksa isn't waiving to go to Columbus.

Other than that, some very interesting trades.

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