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Trading the Sedin's... SEPARATELY (Proposal)

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Time to reveal a lil' secret.

Met Hank(?) in a family restaurant. Tol'him I liked shinny, & he just wanted to talk hockey endlessly.

So I asked him: What if they trade you blue, & your bro Kalamazoo?

Said he: "Well Danny & I analyzed this, & decided we'd SWITCH identities to fool everyone. We've actually DONE this on so many occasions, even I've forgotten who I actually am!..Don't tell noone though, ok Nuxfan?!"

I'm sorry Hank/Danny.

Me eat fish

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I have also had the great privilege to meet the Sedins and get an autograph. Just the most humble guys around, really give back to the fans here, and frankly watching them is a once in a lifetime thrill. Who would have thought 2 swedish twins would make you leave your seats time and again LOL

If they do not retire as Canucks, I will lose my loyalty to this franchise. -10 to the OP :P

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