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McMaster Physics Engineering Contest. I Need your Help!


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Hey Guys,

so recently i entered an Engineering Physics Contest at McMaster University. For the contest you had to make a video illustrating an idea to solve a problem. Mine was the Black Box and ULB improvement. This idea could be revolutionary, as missing planes would always be found. However, the winners of this contest need to win the votes. I would like to ask if you can please go check out my video. Its less than 3 minutes and voting wont take you 10 seconds. I really want to win this and believe that my idea is the only entry with a practical use.

Thank you so much and here is the link (PLEASE SHARE FOR MORE VOTES)


I would really appreciate any feed back as well. Thanks and share.

Com'on, Help a fellow canuck out!

Ps. Mine is the second video (Bavley Guerguis)

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He also spammed this same post in numerous threads in CT.



oh... well then... lets start voting for the Asian girl with the egg in the bottle! When we sufficiently crush the kids educational dreams he will think twice before posting spam on the internet ever again!!!!


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But I have some questions:

1) considering the improvements how much this "new" (improved) black box will cost per plane? remember that a new project must be aproved by the ICAO/FAA and other civil aviation authorities so it will cost more to the airlines/operators...

-also. extra weight. how much?

2) does your idea is able to be put inside small airplanes? (ex: Piper Seneca)

3) does your idea have to float or it´s optional? because a floating black box might be a problem considering that the original crash position might be diferent from the position where the black box is found...

-the objective os a massive black box is that the device remains on a fixed position after the crash very likely with the remains of the airplane. so together with the "parts" and the black box the solition of "WHY IT HAPPENED" cand be found/solved

4) how resistent is your solar panels? because consider this...

a) plane crash at 300kts (near 600km/h) at a 5000ft/min of vertical speed producing a 30G force...

b ) consider that salt water is more corrosive than fresh water...

c) a direct impact over the water is diferent than a direct impact on land...

d) also you have to consider the angle of impact...

5) you have plans to include a "data link" device on your project?

6) does your black box can also input signals for GLONASS (Russian GPS) systems?

7) your device will use the new ELT frequency system, the old one or will use both signals? (old and new)

8) "forever" is a vague term. so considering a real crash situation. how far your invention will "beep" signals before the baterry,solar panels and wires be damaged beyond repair?

9) the maintenance of the solar panels will be done together with the black box or will have it´s own TBO?

your idea is good. but if you want win this think about the details and money. a very expensive device will not be good for the operators/owners ;)

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