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[Proposal] Getting Phil Kessel

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Now I know some may not like the guy, as he's American, but he has a sick shot and a huge ability to change a game. Him with the Sedins is drool worthy. A hefty salary but if the Leafs retain $750 000 it could help out. Here's what to do:

To Vancouver: Kessel, $750 retained

To TO: McCann, 1st, Bieksa

Why? It's no secret McCann would love playing for the Leafs, plus they would love Bieksa's leadership if they can resign him which I'm sure would be no problem. The 1st is to get this thing going, keep Jake off the big squad for one more year and then look at this

Sedin Sedin Kessel

Baertschi Horvat Vrbata

Higgins Gaunce Burrows

Dorsett Bonino Hansen

Vey, Kenins

Edler Tanev

Hamhuis Corrado

Sbisa Clener

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Come on guys, we need to be a little bit more bold here to improve offense. If retaining more of his salary is what is needed, we should go for it. And besides, Bieksa is one of Cherry's boys, they'd love him there.

Kessels don't grow on trees...

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Seven pounds soft, on 13 Jun 2015 - 09:14 AM, said:snapback.png (in a thread on Trades, Reports, Rumours about the Leafs trading Kessel)

I will PUNCH the first person that suggests we trade for kessel!

Miltt, you've earned it!

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Way too much future overpaid. Kessel isn't going to be around for our big push in 3-5 years time, and we've already got enough veterans in Vbrata, Higgins, Dorsett and Burrows (let alone Matthias and Richardson).

Teams that want Kessel are those that want to win now and that are willing to part with a 1st round pick + A-grade prospect + current roster player.

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