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Are u more exited for the draft , or free agent frenzy ?


Free agent frenzy vrs. Draft day  

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What brings us closer sooner? Free Agency. JB will make trades but for draft picks. By and large draft picks will take 2-5 years to play with the Canucks (if at all). I expect JB to pick up a FA D.

Looking forward more to Draft Day because what is done then, sets up what can be done afterwards.

I think that realistically it will take more than 5 years to win a cup but not much more. The present crop of prospects range in age from 18-23. 21 is the median, and 27 is a players prime so that means in 6 years they could have a shot.

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Who is out there on the FA for defenceman? this year is pretty weak. I could say maybe getting Paul Martin because he can work a powerplay, other than that I dont know who we would get that would help us. Any suggestions?

I would be on board with Cody Franson for $4.5 mil. I'm sure he'll get offered $5 mil (or probably even $5.5 mil) from someone so he would have to really want to come here (similar to Hamhuis). This would obviously also be contingent on removing Bieksa's salary and roster spot which I'm not sure will happen.

McQuaid from Boston is a Free Agent

Don't really see a spot for him on the roster although we could use his overall toughness. Especially if Bieksa was moved.

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Franson seems like the only decent defenceman out there, but he will command a high price due to an overall average crop of FA's.

Mcquaid is tough, if we could get him cheap he may be able to replace Juice in that department, but we need a good puck mover and someone to work the powerplay.

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Being up against the cap means we are not likely to look at any free agents and we'll probably lose Mathias for nothing.

So I would say the draft holds more excitement. It'll at least generate more discussion wondering who Benning will trade to get the lost picks back (predicting Kass/Lack and Jensen)

I'm with you on this, if he can't move a vet he will move some other roster guys and in this draft picks are going to be expensive.

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I just love the draft. The NHL is getting so young so fast and so many teams seem to be dressing 19 and 20 year olds more and more. Optimism reigns all day and we get to spend researching our picks and getting pumped. Free agency blows and it's like going to see the same movie year in year out. Ridiculous contracts for players past their prime with a few good deals lost in the mix (Thanks Radim).

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I'm looking for a very interesting draft this year.

Vancouver has a few pieces that could be moved to add draft picks and maybe a couple prospects. I don't see anything huge happening but surprises always occur at the draft.

I see next years UFA market being much more fun.

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It's a mixture to me because we can't get more picks without trades. I'm curious who moves and who stays. I do hope we can get a second and third round pick back.

How the goaltending situation pans out will be interesting as well.

All I'm really hoping is we draft at least two d-men, and they turn out to be all-stars.

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Not excited for either. Late pick, no 2nd or 3rd. No cap space for any UFA. Pretty much, this is the team, will maybe sign a lightning in a bottle hopeful 3rd/4th line tweener and hope our kids are actually ready to take a spot.

Benning might get a 3rd for Lack but with the other 29 GM's aware that he MUST trade a goalie or lose one, I don't see them lining up to offer him much more.

Going to be very quiet for the Canucks.

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It's depressing looking at our 2nd round pick history in the past decade. I hope Thatcher Demko is the start of a turnaround.

In the past 10 years we've gotten 521 NHL games from second rounders. The majority of that is from Mason Raymond alone.

2006 no 2nd.

2007 Taylor Ellington (So much for a safe pick).

2008 Yann Sauve (8 NHL games)

2009 Anton Rodin (Bust)

2010 No 2nd rounder, basically one whole draft year wasted.

2011 No 2nd rounder.

2012 Alexandre Mallet

2013 No 2nd rounder

2014 Demko, and one of the most positive 2nd round picks since Raymond.

4 years no 2nd rounder, and the rest....ugh.

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I'm always more excited for the draft.

The annual infusion of new prospects into the system is, for me at least, the closest I get to replicating the feeling I had as a kid opening presents on Christmas morning. I rarely get the prospects I had on my "wish list" but it's still fun to unwrap each pick and learn more about the new kids.

As far as free agency, and the offseason in general, I'd say I'm more anxious than excited.

I've said it many times before: the moves we see this offseason are going to define this new management group much more than the changes seen in their first year. I'm hoping that JB and company make the right decisions for the improvement of this team, both present and future, and that they can successfully chart the course back to contending for the Stanley Cup.

Whatever happens this summer, I fully expect that by the time the 2015-16 season opens, we'll have a very definitive sense of what direction this team is headed in.

Hoping for the best.

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My curiosity gets me excited for both days. All of our predictions are usually soooo far off from what really happens.

WHo expected Garrison to get traded to TB?

Who here only predicted we only get #24, Sbisa and Bonino for Kesler? And be able to draft McCann who everybody was convinced would go much earlier?

It's surprises and bold moves that are always what get me

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