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Happy Birthday Kevin Bieksa!

-Vintage Canuck-

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As per Pierre LeBrun:


It seemed like a foregone conclusion Thursday morning that the Vancouver Canucks would deal Kevin Bieksa to the San Jose Sharks.

But the trade ultimately never got done. At least not yet.

There seemed to be disagreement over the year of the second-round pick involved, a source said; the Sharks wanted to send a second-rounder from 2016 and the Canucks wanted a second-rounder for 2015. And if the pick was going to be 2016, I think the Canucks wanted another, lower pick also thrown in to compensate for waiting a year on the second-round pick.

Bottom line, the trade didn’t happen. Whether both clubs can get it back on track remains to be seen. The Canucks may reach out to other teams now.


Contrary to popular opinion, it looks like GMJB does value 2015 picks as much as 2016 picks.... He may just end up having to take what he's offered if nothing else comes along.

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No you won't...by the time training camp starts you'll have gotten over it and be ready for another season. Emotional ties to individual players are much more tenuous than we believe them to be. Markus Naslund left here and hardly anyone seemed to notice. The wheel keeps turning.

Or Bure.

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Nazzy was no Bure.... Bure left in his prime, which was the top goal scorer in the league... Nazzy left because he by then was a shell of his former self, nobody remembers the rangers years, but Bure scored 50 again until his knees gave out. I miss Bure :( Give him a job Linden!!! I want him back in the organization to develop our players into true goal scorers!!

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