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[Report] Mike Reilly Will Not Sign With The Blue Jackets

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whenever these free agents do this, has their ever been one that wanted to be on Vancouver ?

I don't think it has anything to do with Vancouver itself. For whatever reason a decent amount of players, both Canadian and American, seem to prefer to play on U.S. teams.

It was rumoured that Ryan Miller had all Canadian teams listed on his NTC list when he was with the Sabres. Obviously that changed less than a year later after he realized his limited options.

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Agreed. I was hoping this was something they would have rectified in the last CBA. This NCAA loophole is a glaring inconsistency in player rights vs. team rights.

They should make it so the team that drafted them and who extends a league-maximum ELC "qualifies" the prospect, and owns their RFA rights if they choose not to sign.

Or, at the very least, extend the draft age, and make them go back through the draft.

The team they sign with has to cough up a 2nd to the team that drafted them...?

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