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[Mafia] Simpsons vs Futurama (sign ups closed)


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Round 1 Nightfall

As the characters of cartoon land blindly stumble about, a consensus on who to lynch was almost made, then made again - finally, they decided to lynch Jazz!


But in the nick of time, for some strange reason, Mayor Quimby stood up and gave a rousing speech, stopping the lynch! Why he did it? We may never know...

Meanwhile, agent Stan Smith, using his CIA training, broke into JohnLocke's house, crept slowly down the hallway, pulled out a shot gun....


and missed! Stan Smith was blocked!

The Planet Express Crew all voiced their opinions, but in the end, Leela went off on her own and killed Time Lord! It was a brutal and sexy death.

While no one was looking, Maggie Simpson tried to kill Fox Mulder! Oh, babies are so precocious.


The kill was blocked!



Lynch - stopped

Smith kill - blocked

Planet Express kill - Time Lord

Simpson kill - blocked

Dead Players

Time Lord (Stan Smith)

Living Players

1- Jazz
2- Virt
3- Peaches
4- GFY
6- gbassi
7- zfetch
8- JL
9- BW
10 - cadillaccts
11 - otis
12 - otherwise
13- aladeen
14 - fox molder
15- Dr. S
16- MB44
17- where's wellwood
18- #nucks
19- intoews
20- king heffy
21- BH

WARNING - Fox Mulder, #Nucks, MB44, Peaches, OTTS, Virt, GFY, KH, Dr. S must all vote this round or be God killed. If I missed your vote, please let me know.

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I was really close to giving you guys an extension... but the way things worked out was almost too perfect... only 1 death, lots of info to go on, lots of people who need to vote and should be called out on activity or be god killed...

Now the game should really begin ;)

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