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[Mafia] Simpsons vs Futurama (sign ups closed)


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Sorry, I think I'm going to implement a minimum of 1 week requirement of being a CDC member to join...



sign ups will close tomorrow morning. due to me working graveyards, Nightfalls will be at 7AM, sorry for the inconvenience (if you want to plan a last minute swing lynch, better set your alarms ;).

I feel ya man. Been on night shift for the last ten days.

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I'd say let him play.

He really seems to like mafia, so why take that away from him?

If he is a dupe of GeterdoneJB then so be it

As long as he isn't a dupe of anyone in here, then he should be fine.

Also If he is GeterdoneJB, then why does keep getting banned? Did he something so awful, they won't give him a second chance?

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okay Dral, before I get banned I just want to say sorry for being mean and starting my own mafia game. But thanks for being mature and I completely understand why you don't want me to play

This is why 13 years olds shouldn't be on CDC. go outside, play with your friends.

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