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[Mafia] Simpsons vs Futurama (sign ups closed)


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I knew this chick named Daisy in highschool, who was the laughing stock of the school cuz she couldn't handle 4/20fest and peed her pants on the way back. Some of it leaked on the streets near the skytrain station. Someone still has photos of it to this day.

Just thought I'd share.

Everybody pees man, why you gotta hate!

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I promised lots of gifs, so I'll start with a few now. The Alex Edler 23 incidents this morning:

How Alex Edler 23 was feeling when making his mafia game

Edler 23 when he was being called out:

Mods view on the Edler 23 ordeal

Edler 23 when he found he was being banned

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Lol I guess I won Horvat's game because he made me mafia and I actually played along

no you won cause it was you and that's the only way you ever win: by dupe hosting and declaring yourself the winner.

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