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Not Enough Source So I'll Post Here

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I've been told by a local source about heavy trade talks going on between Van and Pitt. I understand that this isnt an acceptable source so rather than a rumour I will make this a proposal.

To Pitt

Zack Kassian

Frank Corrado

To Van

Derrick Pouiliot

2nd rnd pick 46th overall

Apparently Pitt really loves Kass and Pitt scouts was in every Utica games during the Finals to check out Frank C.

DP is of great interest w. Canucks because he fits the age range that Benning is trying to fill. There is also another Portland winterhawk connection w. DP and Travis Green ala Sven Bae.

How do you guys feel if this was to happen. ? Just a proposal for now becAuse my source isn't credible. Thanks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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