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[video] 2015 Draft Preview with JB: "hoping at add at least a 2nd round pick"


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- Utica stand outs, mentions Jacob Markstrom, Sven Baertschi, Frank Corrado, Adam Clendenning, and pleased with Shinkaruk, Gaunce, and Virtanen's progress.

- narrowed down 4-5 players at 23rd overall and hopeful one will be there when their pick is up.

- talking to other GMs and wants at least a 2nd round pick. Sound like he's looking to gain 2-3 picks in the 2nd-4th round.

- if there's a deal that make sense, JB and co will take action. Not afraid to pull the trigger if a right deal is offered.

- Matthias will test free agency and will get a good pay day. Means he's 99% gone.

- depending on how the roster shapes up at the draft, Richardson could be back and has kept in touch with him and his agent.

- don't have the cap flexibility to bring in high profile players come free agency. Prepared for free agency but will only be able to get select players with limited cap.

...pretty much what we've known except confirms he wants at least a 2nd round pick. And being so high on Markstrom, one would think Lack may be the one out to get that 2nd rounder. Smart GM, video message to the rest of the leagues GMs pretty much on what he wants and etc.

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JB feels they're prepared

Utica was a great experience

3 to 5 players ready to challenge

Markstrom, Bärtschi, Corrado, Clendening, Shinkaruk, Gaunce, Virtanen all looked good/have improved

Virtanen didn't look out of place


Spent a lot of time narrowing it down to 4 or 5 names

Thinks there will be a real good player available

Looking at all options, talking to GMs

Would like to get AT LEAST one 2nd rounder

If something makes sense, they'll look at it and act on it


Matthias will test. Richardson could be back.

Not enough cap flexibility currently to bring in a big name, but will look at people who can help that aren't high-cap

Make good decisions on FA day

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Didn't he just go through all this?

Repetition is important.

Repetition is important.

Repetition is important.

It is true that this interview and that last two on TSN 1040 are all very similar. But there is a slight evolution. One change I noticed was that Benning mentioned Grenier in the last two interviews as a prospect who has developed a lot and could challenge for a spot on the big team team. But Grenier did not get mentioned here. I suspect that does not mean anything and that Benning just kind of forgot to mention Grenier. But there is an outside chance that it means that Benning has a tentative deal in place involving Grenier.

The other slight change is that it is becoming increasingly clear that Lack is likely to go and Markstrom is likely to stay. And Benning clearly expects to get a second round pick for Lack.

Also, Benning was more clear in this interview about the obvious point that the Canucks will not be signing any high profile free agents due to cap space issues.

I would like to hear a reporter ask how Benning plans to deal with the cap problem. Right now the Canucks are close to the expected cap with only 17 players under contract. Given their continuing contribution to Luongo's contract I don't think that they can fill out a 23 man roster as things stand. Someone needs to go (in addition to Lack). I think the CDC consensus is that Higgins is likely but I think it is actually wide open.

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Good...Anthony Cirelli may be available for the Canuck's 1st or 2nd pick...if your looking for character and hockey sense, then do not look further...considering the guy scored the only two goals in the final game of the Memorial Cup...it doesn't get more obvious than that.

I'd pick him first.

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