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[Report] Bieksa will only waive NTC if new team offers contract extension

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Suitors lining up for Bieksa


Video Overview

- Bieksa has value that teams will pay for.

- teams would love to add that right handed dman who can kill penalties, play on the powerplay, and play tough; pretty much play in all situations.

- "all encompassing #2 that can fit perfectly with a #1."

- Bieksa is prime aged and if the time is up in Vancouver and the team truly wants to move on, give Bieksa a shot to win elsewhere as there are a handful of teams who would love him.

- Canucks have not approached Bieksa to waive NTC but word is if he were to be traded, it'd be at his discretion that the other team have an extension ready for him.

...well there you have it, added fuel to the fire. Absolutely love draft week and free agency lol. Love Juice. He's the absolute warrior that deserves the Cup. It won't be here in his playing time left and his play has dropped off considerably. TSN praising him quite a bit even though he had his worst year ever last season. Think you can sense teams will pay the price for a righty shot defensemen who can do a bit of everything, a veteran, and can play just about anywhere if matched correctly...they called him a #2 lol, that's some pretty big praise.

As much as I want Bieksa moved like most others do, a part of me says screw it. Definition of a Canuck and he's as core as the Sedins are for us. Will never turn my back on him and he brings a different kind of leadership than that of the Twins which I think is necessary on any team...man, I hate the emotional connect part of sports lol. But putting that aside, best would be to get value back for him. Would be bittersweet to say the least :sadno:

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Ok line em up. Bieksa (regardless of what people will say) with this news is now possibly the most sought after player leading up to the draft for blue liners.

And yes IF this is truly valid story/rumour than there WILL be a number of teams bidding for him. And yes the price could very easily fetch a top prospect/pick

D men are a dime a dozen, but proven ones that can lead are rare regardless of age.

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