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Police investigate reports of man with a gun near Sunalta School - Calgary!


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Just when you may have thought Canada doesn't have the problems the US does:

By Erika TuckerOnline Reporter Global News

The west side of Sunalta School during an investigation into a weapons complaint on June 19, 2015.

Dani Lantela / Global News

CALGARY – Police are investigating reports of a man with a gun in the area near Sunalta School in the city’s southwest at around 4:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon.

Police said in a tweet they were on scene of a “possible weapon complaint in the Scarboro area.”

Southbound Crowchild Trail was closed at Bow Trail as of 5 p.m. Police asked people to avoid the area.

Police were using a HAWCS helicopter to broadcast updates in the area. An area resident told Global News the broadcast announced a “gunman is hiding in the bushes near Crowchild Trail.”

A concerned parent outside the school said he got a phone call from the after-school care centre, and came right away.

“They said there’s some bad guy inside, but the kids are fine, but we don’t know exactly what happened,” said a parent who gave the name Liguo. “Hopefully the kids are okay. I have two kids inside…two girls, 6 and 8.”

Police were inside the school just before 6 p.m. with an unknown number of students and parents who were at an after-school event. The canine unit was searching bushes in the area.

EMS confirms there’s an ambulance on standby in the area, but no injuries were reported as of 5:13 p.m.

More to come.


Map: Sunalta School in Calgary’s southwest


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Scary, my daughter lives in that area. She says everything is okay now.

Yeah on Twitter they are as well:


#BREAKING TAC looks to be wrapping and leaving scene. Crowchild has re-opened in both directions. No word if anyone in custody. @CTVCalgary

(I keep Twitter open during commute to check for things like this, on top of the radio -- works well for ENMAX too)

Can't imagine who would be dumb enough to still be in that area hours later. :lol:

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AS per usual the media whores over blowing every possible incident . To compare this to anything remotely like what happens on a DAILY BASIS in the US is just pure lunacy.

Living in Calgary and seeing how the news here sensationalizes any possible violent act is so tiresome :(

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