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[value of] Kyle Okposo

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Rumor has it that Okposo might be on the trade block. Hes still relatively young at 27, what would it take to get him out of New York? He would be the perfect winger for the sedins

My proposal

Send Lack and higgins to Buffalo for one of their firsts then...

To NYI: 2015 1st, Kassian, Sbisa/Bieksa??

To VAN: Okposo, 2015 3rd??

I dont watch Islanders games often, is this fair value for Okposo???

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I think this is just the Islanders kicking tires. He had a down season this year which wasn't helped by his major eye injury, but he's had success playing with Tavares and he's one of their only producing right wingers.

I'm curious though-- the Islanders have a logjam of capable centers, and I think they implemented Brock Nelson as a winger throughout parts of the season to varying levels of success.. Just wondering out loud here.

Anyways, likelihood of Okposo coming to Vancouver seems remote. I don't see any workable trading assets between the two teams.

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Too much for the Canucks to afford, and I guarantee those numbers will deflate a lot when's he's not alongside Tavares.

Pretty much this.

Okoposo has massive numbers inflation due to playing alongside Tavares. Not worth what the Islanders would want and the Canucks couldn't afford that price.

With that said, Okoposo is still quite young and has great hands and vision.

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