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(Proposal) Moving up in draft and getting more picks

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Trade 1:

To Edmonton: Eddie Lack

To Vancouver: 33rd overall pick

Trade 2:

To Colorado: 23rd and 33rd overall pick, Kevin Bieksa, and rights to Ryan Stanton

To Vancouver: 10th overall pick

Draft Werenski or Barzal (depending on who's left)

Trade 3:

To any team he waives to: Higgins

To Vancouver: 2nd/3rd round pick

I feel like Bieksa would waive his NTC since I feel like Colorado would like to resign him for his leadership skills and grit that he brings.

Sign Franson to a 3 year 5.25 million deal with no NTC

Resign Richardson to 2 years 1.8 million deal

Resign Baertschi to 1 year 1.25 million deal

Resign Vey to 1 year 1.2 million deal

Resign Kenins to 1 year 1.1 million deal

Resign Frank Corrado to 2 years 1.3 million deal

Resign Adam Clendening to 2 years 1.3 million deal

We would have about 1.2 million left in cap space (if the cap goes up to 71 million as expected)













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I laughed at the tenth overall proposal... But then i realised:

- 23 + 33 could get you around 14th Overall.

- 14 th Overall plus Bieksa to a very young team can bump you atleast 4 spots.

- Stanton is kind of an insurance throw in, nbd, micro loss

- therefore 23 + 33 + Bieksa can certainly get you 10th overall.

Good proposal.

If I were Colorado, I would take the offer, move back and take 2 D, then move Bieksa as well in a few years.

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