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[Proposal] My Draft day Prediction

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Kinda Bored Tonight and was thinking to myself what would make me happy as a fan on draft day. 3 things came to mind.

1- Solve the goalie situation

2-Shed Cap Space

3-Obtain Multiple picks, focus on filling the pool in areas of need IMO-Dmen and Wingers.

I am Predicting for a few players-Zboril and Svechnikov to still be on the board at 23

So on draft day it gets to the 22nd pick, Both Zboril and Svechnikov are there, Benning gets on the phone calls Washington and gets a deal done, Vrbata for 22.

Proceed to draft Zboril and Svechnikov with Back to Back picks.

Draft continues and the first round is done lots of great picks left and Benning wants some 2nd round picks. Calls up Edmonton and gets a deal done, Lack to EDM for 33rd pick. Right after he gets working the phones again this time with Columbus, Works a deal out sending Hamhuis and Jensen for 34,38 and 68.(Columbus needs a veteran Dman, Hamhuis is worth a 1st in most drafts, We get 2 2nds and a 3rd moving him before we potentially loose him to F/A the year after. ).

Benning proceeds to Draft 33-Juulsen 34-Dunn 38-Sprong 68-Kolesar

Out-Vrbata,Lack,Hamhuis, Jensen 10Million$$

IN-Svechnikov, Zboril, Juulsen, Dunn,Sprong, Kolesar

Use the cap saved to sign Richardson and Ehrhoff, Add 3 more young players in Baertschi, Virtanen and Corrado.

Sedin-Sedin-Burrows- Hopefully Burrows picks up his scoring

Baertschi-Horvat-Kassian- Young players full of energy

Higgins-Bonino-Hansen- Great Defensive line with offensive upside

Virtanen-Richardson-Dorsett- Gritty 4th line with 2 good vets mentoring Virtanen

Edler-Ehrhoff- Hopefully back to the way they played with each other before

Tanev-Sbisa- Hopefully Tanev can babysit Sbisa to a good season

Bieksa-Corrado- Sheltered minutes, focusing on defense first and playing simple

So thats my prediction/Wishlist

I chose to move Hamhuis over Bieksa as I personally think Hamhuis will return more value, and be easier to agree to waive. Another team to look at for Hamhuis if he is willing would be willing is looking to Arizona for 30+32, we could end up with Kylington and Juulsen over Juulsen and Dunn. Some may say Hamhuis worth a first and I agree but in a draft where 20-40 could fall anywhere 2 2nds is just as good IMO

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Almost what I was thinking. I would hate to get rid of Vrbata, as he is our only true goal scorer and PP threat. Washington is in need of wingers and maybe we can steal their first, that frees up some cap as well. I dont know if Erhoff will sign here though, I think someone will overpay for his services in a weak FA Defense crop.

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