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(Proposal) Lack, Bieksa, and moving up in draft

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Trade 1:

To Buffalo: Lack

To Vancouver: 31st overall pick

If Talbot could fetch a 1st rounder, then I'm pretty sure we can trade Lack for Buffalo's second straight up. I think that Lack would play better in the east and the Sabres have improved there team a lot so Lack should be able to fetch the 31st pick.

Trade 2:

To Ottawa: Bieksa

To Vancouver: 42nd overall pick

I feel like Bieksa would waive to go to Ottawa because they're a good young team and he moves closer to his hometown. He also stays in a Canadian market.

Trade 3:

To any team he waives to: Higgins

To Vancouver: 2nd round pick

Higgins is a very good 3rd line winger that could consistently put up 40 points every season. He also brings leadership skills and is very reliable defensively. He is definitely worth a 2nd rounder.

Trade 4:

To San Jose: 23rd, 31st, and Jensen

To Vancouver: 9th overall pick

San Jose isn't in a rebuilding phrase, they want to have a chance to win now so I feel like it's unnecessary for them to have such a high pick. They also get two very high picks in return plus a B level prospect in need of a change of scenery.

Draft Werenski (if he's already taken, then draft Barzal)

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