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[Speculation] - Kassian Shopped for a 2nd Round Pick

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Making way for Lucic?

  1. Canucks Central @CanucksNow 16m16 minutes ago
  2. It is reported that the #Canucks are trying to trade Zack Kassian for a 2nd round pick.
  3. Cory @nine30shineshop 14m14 minutes ago @ryanbiech @CanucksNow : I believe the "source" is Bro Jake this morning
  4. @ryanbiech Bro Jake from TSN1040 says he was told from his insiders.

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We'd be better off trading one of our goalies seeing as that we have 3 goalies that are capable of playing in the NHL. In order to avoid controversy, trading one of our goalies is a must or we could lose Markstrom to Waivers if we send him back down again.

I'd keep Kassian for now and see how he is this season. Kassian would be more developed than a 2nd rounder.

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Sounds like Benning is trying to eradicate some of our roster weaknesses. Shame he couldn't have done that with the Sbisa contract, but if he gets #31 for Lack, another 2nd for Kassian, goes in hard in free agency? I'm happy with that.

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I would find that surprising, though maybe the brass have seen enough to figure Kassian just doesn't have the head or motor to be the player he needs to be.

If true, I think it also means there isn't a ton of interest in Higgins or Hansen who seem to be more ripe for being moved and replaced by younger player.

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Why this makes zero sense

Canucks don’t know which player will be available at the determined pick. We might trade Kassian for a second round pick and everyone that Benning was high on may have already went earlier?

Canucks are short on size, we just let Matthias walk, do we let go our only forward with size?

We want to get younger, Kassian age fits the canucks age group and is still young.

Canucks are short on RW, Do we expect Vey to fill Kassian’s shoes? Would we rather have vey over Kassian?
Kassian is still an unknown, His potential could reach new limits, is a second round pick really that valuable that we give up on him?

I’d be shocked if we dealt Kassian for a second round pick. Part of a package with players coming back, sure, it could happen. Not just a second.

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