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[Speculation] - Kassian Shopped for a 2nd Round Pick

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Nolan, Eager, Brown, Keith, Ferland, Marchand etc...

There's always that one player who gets the whole team distracted... Dont know why it happens so often to this team....

The only time I remember someone being stood up to effectively was Ballard hipchecking McGinn.

Bieksa punched out Ferdland but I was disappointed Dorsett let him be.

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Didn't bring up power forward at all; just saying sometimes players need time to develop especially with ones where their heads are the problem. If they haven't got the psychological part figured out by 27 they have no hope

My apologies for being presumptuous about that.... just it's a common excuse one tend to toss around on CDC.

I believe most players should "get it" around 24. I can understand if a player, say on Edmonton, took a bit longer because everyone else on the squad are about the same age, but this isn't the case. Kassian is/was surrounded by a veteran group consisting of many 30+ players like the Sedins, Hamhuis, Bieksa.... and guys like Luongo and Salo previously.

I'm all for young guys having fun like Mike Richards (previously), Patrick Kane and Jeff Carter.... but they were producing. But when you've been told for 4+ years, 2 different GM and 3 different coaches to "grow up and be professional".......... it's not an issue of "getting it" but more "do you really want it?"

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