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[Report] Bozak available for a 2nd round pick

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Had proposed Bones for Bozak a few months back-like that he's a righty & can win some draws(like, LOTS of draws).

Then you coud have moved both, Bones & Vey out. Don't re-sign Sbisa..get picks/whatever? for them 2. That was my Feb-wish. Would've been a lot better, seems now.

Bones' passive-mediocrity though reasonably priced, would've suited the Leafers' intents, more than our own

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With Henrik, Bonino and Horvat, the Canucks don't really need him. Bonino is going nowhere since Benning acquired him in his most important trade so far. But that price is great for a team who needs a 2nd line center and has some cap space, say Nashville.

Perhaps Pittsburgh may go for him. Sutter for Bozak?

Pens need a winger. Why trade a center for a center?

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Asking price for Tyler Bozak appears to be a second round pick.

Man, that's an incredibly cheap and reasonable price. Bozak is a solid 2C. 29 years old, $4.2m for 3 mor years. No clue why TO would have him on the block in the first place and second of all for such a low price. That would make Kadri their 1C and Holland their 2C.

Bold is the first reason why I wouldn't want him.

On which line do folks believe he will play? How will getting Bpzak affect Horvat's ice time? Oh wait, Bozak can take Bonino's ice time, or he can play on the wing in place of some other guy that folks don't like, right?

Saved by the nothavinga2nd bell.



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This was my Feb 5th proposal:

Bonino, Vey, Kassian, Corrado.

TO: Bozak, Santorelli, Franson.

-The extra cap was kosher with Bieksa's LTIR injury.

-We would've had two strong RH-C's for PO-matchup.

-Franson would've been great with Hamhuis. Might've re-signed.

-Santo's versatility could have helped our fwd injuries, late season.

I bet TO would've jumped on this. Two local boys- all affordable & younger.

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Centres for the Vancouver Canucks.

H. Sedin








Oh I'm sorry we need a centre???? Get it though your heads folks. WE NEED DEFENCE!!!!!

The defence needs to be overhauled, but 2nd C is also where we need an upgrade. Forget Bonino and Vey, bring in Bozak, then let Horvat and Cassels (if he sticks) fill out the bottom two slots. We would still need to trade Bieksa or Hammer as well as perhaps another D and bring in some upgrades.

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^Santo/Bozak would've been a couple year-bridge to when Cassels, McCann & Gaunce were primed & ready. Would've fit the jigsaw.

If one of them sticks this year, which could happen, then we don't need Santo, otherwise it would still be Bonino.

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Unless they're willing to take Bonino and Bieksa for Bozak and Reilly I don't think we'll be interested. I'd even throw in Vey!

But seriously, if that's true (and it's Damian Cox we're talking about, so iffy) then I could see Phoenix being very interested. They need nearly $19M to get to the cap floor (only 11 on the roster signed currently though) so higher cap hits aren't an issue.

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