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[Report] Bozak available for a 2nd round pick

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Toronto and Vancouver really aren't a good trading fit.

Canucks are "retooling" as the management team has called it. They want to get younger and have said over and over they aren't interested in trading draft picks and young prospects for veterans.

Toronto is rebuilding, pretty much giving up on the present and virtually all their older players are available. They're looking for youth. Even Kessel and Phaneuf are available. People keep suggesting Bieksa be sent to Toronto, but older veterans are precisely what Toronto is getting rid of, not what they want more of.

Toronto wants a 2nd for Bozak. The Canucks have said repeatedly they won't trade picks and prospects for immediate help, so if one believes them, they won't give Toronto what it wants.

People want to send Bieksa to Toronto, but they won't want him.

It's really, really hard to see a deal there.

Canucks are still in a bit of a cap crunch. They have Bonino who is 3 years younger than Bozak and earns less than half what Bozak does. He may not be as good and certainly scores less than Bozak, but he fits the Canucks' retool despite how badly people seem to want him gone.

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This was my Feb 5th proposal:

Bonino, Vey, Kassian, Corrado.

TO: Bozak, Santorelli, Franson.

-The extra cap was kosher with Bieksa's LTIR injury.

-We would've had two strong RH-C's for PO-matchup.

-Franson would've been great with Hamhuis. Might've re-signed.

-Santo's versatility could have helped our fwd injuries, late season.

I bet TO would've jumped on this. Two local boys- all affordable & younger.

of course they would have jumped at it.

Those are two rentals that can be had for cap space right now - and the third piece for a 2nd.

Cap space and a 2nd.....or offer Kassian, Corrado, Bonino....to Toronto....That's hard on the mind's eye tbh.

Thankfully if was Nashville that wasted the futures.

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Well News, usually your arguments are pretty convincing. Would've liked our team for FO's with Bozak & Bo-but I've never been strongly sold on Bonino & Vey, down the middle-just feel they're missing something?

Quite liked Santo, & how he performed last yr-though it's true him & Franson fell flat in Nash. Who knows how this would've played out?

At the end of the day(either way, irrespective of this sorta deal), just open to seeing turnover continue for a bit. Youth is certainly in the pipeline...

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It's interesting, some are saying speed and skill is what's trending and then some are saying we need to be bigger and grittier. Lucic would probably be the one who checks all boxes, but I digress.

Canucks need help with their D and faceoffs. They were terrible in the circle last year, Horvat being the only one who was good in that regard. Bonino was "okay", but I don't believe he's a 2nd line centre. Bozak would give them an upgrade in this area, and the Canucks would look pretty good at centre: H. Sedin, Bozak, Horvat, Richardson (if they can sign him).

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If the rumor is true that Kassian is being shopped for 2cnd rounder, perhaps the Leafs would agree to Kassian for Bozak? I doubt they would, however it was just a thought I had.

Or just trade Kassian for a 2nd and then flip it for Bozak.

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29 years old, no thanks. He's just another middling centre who will get in the way of our development. Too small anyway and not exactly physical. More mediocrity.

As for trading Kassian to get him, no thanks I would rather give Zack another year and hope he stays in the team. After all the next 2 seasons will be transition for us.

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