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23rd overall: CDC 2015 Draft Consensus

23rd overall: CDC 2015 Draft Consensus  

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Went with Roy, smart offensive, not panicking puck possession player. Skill set looks raw, I'm 3 years, it will look extremely different with work out ps and psychical Developement. Clowns probably you tubed him and think it's meh.

Second is,kylington. Probably the second best skater in the draft, with highly offensive skills. Flys from one end to another. Brian Campbell.

3rd meloche. Seems to be a safer pick and ranked higher then the other 2 in most rankings.

4th Harkins. B.c boy plays with character.

Personally I think we will benefit the most from a kylington or a Roy type of player moving coward and improving our defensive depth.

The 4th option is for the player you want the least. Hopefully you didn't choose harkins since it seems like you actually like him.

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He's overrated cause of his size. We need a PMD, which he isn't. He's a Shutdown guy. The best one in the draft albeit, but low offensive upside.

Benning is so drafting him, you guys do realize this eh?

Benning probably has Carlo written all over his binder like a highschool girls crush.

A team like Edmonton may go off the board and pick him early.

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I guess no one wants a 6'5 tanev

Tanev, while certainly a valuable player and an excellent "free" find by our scouts is so severely overrated by people on this board it's not even funny. No, I don't want a 6'5" Tanev when there's far more intriguing prospects with far higher ceilings available this high in the draft.

6'5" Tanev's you take in the 2nd, 3rd...heck even 4th and 5th rounds. Not 1st.

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