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Having him a Pred is easily worth it from a marketing point of view for the team. I know some of you don't like the idea of Wives having influence on hockey decisions, but its a win win for the Preds. Great player, Starlet wife that appeals to the locals?

Great deal for everyone.

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$4.4m per season for Mike Fisher? Wowzers. UFA signings are going to be absurdly pricy.

They are every year. Getting a UFA cheap, is nearly impossible, unless you throw in a NTC, or they came to your team asking for a contract. Generally speaking, any player you want on the free market's price goes way up as other teams can bid on their services. It's just the way it goes. Free Agents, especially big name free agents get overpaid. Free Agency is like adding new free players, in the aspect that you give up no assets or use any draft picks, however, be prepared to deal with the crazy high price tag.

I for one don't think this Mike Fisher deal is that unreasonable. He is a core player for them, and the deal is for 2 years. Quick deal, to see if Preds can still make a push, if not, Fisher can be traded next season.

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