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The threads are gonna be popping up now saying why he didnt look so happy at the draft, I guarantee it

He probably wasn't. He is from Minnesota, he probably spent most of his life booo'ing the Canucks

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Scouting profile

A dynamic offensive winger and natural goal scorer. Has great instincts and is able to quickly get into position for premium scoring chances; possesses an accurate release on his shot which he can get off in the blink of an eye. He always knows where his linemates are, and is a great passer; that being said, his individual puck possession play is incredible and sets him apart as an offensive player. He will need to work on defensive zone coverage and a slew of small details such as board battles, but Brock Boeser has a ton of elite-level scoring potential due to the way he can read, make, and finish plays. (Curtis Joe, EP 2014)

Some scouts are seeing quite a bit of Patrick Sharp in Mr. Boeser. He skates well and has a complete set of goal-scorer's tools. Doesn't give up his own end, and transitions to offense in such a quick and concrete way that he can catch the opposition off-guard. [EliteProspects 2015] - See more at: http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=248381#sthash.n87Se82Q.dpuf

That is a nice scouting profile!

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is no one else concerned that he is a college player? it could be years before we see him in the canucks organization. I like the talent of the kid but if he is dedicated to college which he is for next year then I'm not all that happy. does anyone know his intentions moving forward?

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Brock Boeser

Offensive zone ability: B+
Offensive transition ability: B
Puck movement and possession retention: B+
Defensive transition ability: B-
Defensive zone ability: B-

Defense: positional
Offense: cerebral

Keywords, unique identity traits: puck protection, shot, ability to find spots to get his shot off
Room for improvement: could improve first few steps and explosiveness, just average off-the-puck defensively and can look passive in those situations at time

Full analysis
Brock Boeser is a winger that boasts a pro-sized frame and plays a heavy game down-low with high-end body angling and puck protection. Displays above-average skill level, is capable of finding soft spots in the offensive zone where he can utilize his shot to be a scoring threat, his shot is a big plus for him as he combines it with his ability to find soft spots and puck protection to be a scoring option on the ice. Shows ability to excel on the cycle and despite being primarily a shooting option, he is also more than capable of making plays in the offensive zone, protects the puck for extended amounts of time and finds teammates as they open up. Also shows decent ability off the rush as his top end speed and puck-handling are decent, however excels more by operating in the offensive zone with his back against opposition producing zone time or by finding soft spots in coverage to get his shot off.

Although he can skate with the puck straight-on and protect it with his reach, puck-handling and high-end body positioning, where Boeser really excels is in playing with his back against opposition in the offensive zone. He is advanced in his ability to weave through offensive zone and protect the puck, has natural body positioning and uses his body as leverage to hold players off. Indistinctly knows how to angle himself to keep the puck out of reach from the player checking him which allows for extended zone time. There, he displays good vision in finding teammates and then getting himself open for a shot option by going to scoring areas.

That said, I would not really consider him as a playmaker in the sense that he would be looking to set-up his teammates for scoring chances, rather he utilizes his puck-protection and passing to extend zone time and then gets himself open where he can use his high-end shot. So as a playmaker he is more of a guy that extends possession without necessarily looking for high-end passes into scoring areas, rather he goes in those scoring areas himself after making the pass. Not deficient as a playmaker, but would consider him a scoring winger overall.

That game of puck-protection, vision, ability to get open, and his nose for the net makes him projectable to any top 9 winger role. However, there are still some details Boeser could work on. While I would not call his compete level deficient, he can still be rather passive off the puck. He has good positioning and does commit to being in the right positions both as a forechecking option or in the defensive zone.

His overall disposition is not really of a high-motor player, he is very hard to move off the puck, but not particularly aggressive in his style of play where he would play a high octane power game. He shows the willingness to play in the dirty areas but he is a lot more measured in his approach and doesn't play with reckless abandon.

That is not a concern offensively, however it limits him a little bit in puck battles and his defensive play, as when he does not have the puck he doesn't exactly exhibit the highest intensity and could stand to utilize his frame to play with a bit more bite. Also, part of that might be that he seems to slumber a little bit at lower speeds, his mobility is fine and his top-end speed is fine, but his first few steps and agility from a standstill seem to be lacking a little a bit, almost as if he were too heavy to be explosive or agile. So, it's hard to say how much of that is an athletic issue or an intensity issue but he tends to look a little passive without the puck and he can sometimes go through a shift being limited in his impact.

Overall, I'd project Boeser as a scoring puck-protection top 6 winger that can make plays and can also play on the PP as someone who is good at extending zone time and being a shot option. His puck-protection and solid hockey IQ should still allow him to be used in a 3rd line role where he'd be able to pin opposition down in their zone and chip in a few goals. A winger that could likely slide up and down the line-up as his skillset gives him a lot of versatility.

Development focus: I'd say developmentally for Boeser, he should start using his frame a bit more defensively to be a factor by being more aggressive on the puck. I think his first few steps and agility could also improve.

Projection: With ideal development Boeser should be able to fit a top 6 scoring winger role that excels at puck-protection. Could play on the PP as he is good at maintaining posession and has a good shot. It's also possible that his skillset would allow him to play as a 3rd line wing, playing the puck-possession game and chipping in a few goals

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At first, I thought Benning said "Brock Lesnar". And Boeser and Lesnar are from Minnesota.

Seriously, I really like this pick. A big and strong scoring winger who plays with intensity.

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