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Why is this return a shock to some people? There's a 29 page thread on how the Canucks were shopping him for a 2nd. They knew the market was soft. But some fans read it and started dreaming of a high 2nd + or even Edmonton's 16th. If you're seriously disappointed with the return then you set your expectations too high despite the information that was out there

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Well, colour me disappointed to see Eddie Lack go. He was a great character for the organization and was hitting strides in the crease. Good luck to him in Carolina. I'm sure everyone will be complaining about this trade, but we must move on.

Our goalies of the future are Markstrom, Demko and Cannata.

to think, two years ago we had Lu, Schneids and Lack as our top 3

all we have left for those three is Horvat, Markstrom, a 3rd and 7th..


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Here we go again !!!!

34 yr old Dman w. 1 yr left on contract who is clearly in the decline !!

2nd rnd pick ? Are u serious. ??

Ppl are always so disappointed on CDc because they over value our players!!

Bieksa for 3rd is good value.

He's not CDC nor it's spokesman. People are individuals and treat them as such. If someone says something you don't like then deal with them directly and stop applying it to the fanbase as a whole.

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rumorsa are just that.... rumors. theres really no way to tell whats been offered or what the asking prices are. the suggestion of 2 2nds for bieksa is out to lunch.

Im guessing it may have been 2 2nds for Lack/Bieksa and SJ wanted no part of that.

SJ has 39 and 106

there have been again rumors of another eastern team interested in bxa. hopefully someone offers a 2nd/early 3rd for him, or a 2016 2nd would be nice...

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An anomally is not the norm. Most 7ths don't even make the farm

Yea of course. I hate the negativity always with this crowd though. We just flipped an asset that didn't cost us anything. For a third and 7th. What if it didn't happen? Then we would have more people whining about a goalie controversy. More people need to be less critical and more of a supporter to there hockey team.
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Yeah, the picks of Virtanen, McCann, and demko were awful last year.

asset manangement actually. he came in here raving about the core vets on this team. thought he could win the cup?? i would have expected him to clean house and get some return for beiksa, higgins et al. now a year later we have let those possibilities go. virt was not a difficult pick by the way. the jury is still well out on mcann/demko

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