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People got to realize Eddie is 28 a year old backup UFA to be. Lehner is 5 years younger and 4 years away from becoming a UFA. Considering this takes away a goalie controversy, pretty even value. Not the best (2nd would be that) but not the worst too. Early 3rd is fair.

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Thing is he's actually a good goalie who can play and win games. I'm not just a fan of his because he's funny on twitter that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard lots of people say it. A 3rd and a 7th is a joke for a NHL starter. Your probably in the same boat that Talbot is much better and worth a 1st I'd assume?

I would say that Talbot and Lack are at a similar level and wouldn't expect Talbot to get a 1st rounder in return.. He wasn't traded yesterday and I would expect a similar return - I am definitley not in the same boat as those that think he is worth more.

I never said he is a bad goalie but to say that he is the answer to the canucks and the heart of the team, is silly and insulting to the rest of the players the Canucks have who are more talented. Please don't call me stupid for pointing out the obvious.

By the way, Canucks got two third rounders for him. Still butt hurt?

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