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11 minutes ago, flickyoursedin said:

Sorry poor wording on my part I meant if he goes back next year then he'll be through 3 years of college. So the debate in his head a year from now is whether to sign or just stick it out for one more year in college and sign wherever he wants. You have a better chance of signing him after 2 years of college as opposed to 3 is essentially what I'm getting at. All the while our minor league team could use him next year as we are pretty shallow in offensive prospects.

Bleh, what's the point of fretting about what may or may not happen.

Think most players show allegiance in the team that they are drafted for.. I don't know how many college players are drafted and signed with their respective teams but I do bet we hear more about the players that don't like Vesey and Schultz more-so than the ones that do.

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2 minutes ago, lethal_spaghetti said:

I believe tsn2 is carrying northeastern vs harvard currently if anyone wants to tune in or doesn't have anything to do since this cray amount of snow has blockaded me in my home.


This is awesome thanks for the tip. got it going now

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9 minutes ago, orcasgonewild said:

How's gaudette look?!?!?!??!?!  When does it start?

He enters the zone with alot of speed and confidence.


Made a really nice play holding the zone by batting the puck out of mid air on his backhand.

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1 minute ago, stonecoldstevebernier said:

Not a highlight reel goal by any means but he knows where to be on the ice for those rebounds, he's been piling up the powerplay points this year too. He has a bit of an odd stance on his faceoffs, although it worked for him on that PP draw.

Manny will fix that.

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