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Philly - Vancouver proposal

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I'll keep it short and sweet and wait for some responses.

Philly has depth in defensive prospects but lack some depth upfront in their pipeline.

Vancouver has depth upfront especially at centre but is thin on the back end.







-and now Provorov






What type of deal could be had ?

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I'd love to get either Sanheim or Morin. Both guys can skate and Travis can join the attack well because of that, while Sam's got Chris Pronger-type upside. IF they give up Provorov it'd be pricey (as it should be for any of them, really).

Aside from Grenier, Shinkaruk and McCann I'd say let them have their pick though.

Cole Cassels may have more value if other teams learn that he shut down McDavid and Draisaitl, and if they take Gaunce/ Jensen I'd happily make the swap. We could use a stud, mobile D-man with that kind of size moving forward.

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I was thinking our top centers are McCann, Guance and Cassels but Cassels and Guance have lower ceilings with regard to their offensive upside.

Horvat is similar as he has some offensive upside but is more of a great two way forward than a great offensive forward. Since we lack in that area I could part with Cassels or Guance and a Corado or Peddan for Morin or Sanheim and a forward like Aube-kubel or Cousins.

Hoping for a great forward and average d prospect for the reverse.

We've lost faith in Jensen and his value isn't only low with us. I'm sure other teams are low on him too so adding him into a deal won't significantly add to our side of any deal unless it's for another project like him. Hard to believe he was nearly a lock on many projected rosters not long ago and he fell to this point.

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