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Sabres to place Hodgson on waiver...want him back?


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He had a pretty good stint in Vancouver, probably could've developed well if he wasn't traded. But his defensive abilities are horrible, he has offensive upside but it would be better to have the young guns fill roles.

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News has that Sabres to buy out Cody Hodgson's contract, which means he'll be back on market soon, do you think we should get him back?

I suspect that the best answer is "No". This being said, if the team did need a 3C with more offence than defence potential, Hodgson would be a good choice.

Heck, put him on a line with Higgins and Hansen like they did in the old days. They put up a fair amount of points and with H&H on the wings the defence was covered well.



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Why is this in canucks talk?

He's a sabre.

Get over Hodgson he's moved on you should too

Or purchase his up and coming Toronto Maple Leafs jersey.

either way, stop bringing him up on these forums in Canucks talk

I wouldn't doubt this one bit.. Seeing how he's from Toronto and all.

Also the Leafs always seem to like taking our sloppy seconds, and occasionally we do too.

I think he could thrive in Toronto under Babcock.

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