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Jim Benning on TSN 1040 (June 30 8:30am)


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just a heads up that Benning is on 1040 this morning at 830am.

Sounds like they plan on asking the tough questions. Should be interesting to hear JBs in depth take on the direction this team has taken

-talked to 10 teams about Lack , but said " at the end of the day , that was the only real offer we got".

-Lack was going to command a high salary after next season , wanted to give markstrom his chance

-feels boeser will be a top six forward

- feels Brisebois will be a top 4 d man

-won't see any of our picks from this year for 3-4 years

-lack was acquired to be a backup, feels that shows how the league values him

-Was in on lucic but didn't have the assets to aquire him or Hamilton

- expecting to add a depth D man in free agency

- not going to make blockbuster moves in free agency because of cap issues

-would not comment on bieksa shopping for houses in San Jose , says deal what not close with him there , but still talking to other teams and his agent

-Kevin has not asked for a trade and they haven't asked him to waive his NTC.

- not going to trade Virtanen McCann Horvat for anyone

-still working on signing webber

-kassian is now healthy and training for next year

More of the same really

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Benning is going to school TSN 1040 and put them in their place

Benning is too....well...Jim Benning too put someone in their place. Don't get me wrong though, I would be ecstatic if he told them to shut up and asked what they know about running an NHL team.

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Brother Jake and Dave Pratt are the two least knowledgeable Sports radio hosts in Vancouver and quite possibly the world. What they do know how to do is run a radio show and pull in all the "chicken little" listeners with serving up controversy. Like Lemmings most of Vancouver hockey fans subscribe to these media ploys to sell papers and draw in listeners as opposed to having enough knowledge to form their own opinions. I know, I work in the business. It's all about the money and radio ratings and newspaper sales makes money.

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i hope they don't dwell on what's gone by, but on their plans going forward...what's done is done...they made decisions...that what they get paid to do..we just have opinions, that are not always based in reality....that's cdc...cdc always lives in the past...forward, i say.

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