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[Poll] Which free agent dman should the Canucks get?



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Benning says #Canucks are in a transition period, looking to establish a new core of young players. Wants to add D-man in free agency.

Currently the Canucks have $8.8m in cap space according to https://www.hockeyscap.com/teams/canucks . Take into consideration still have to sign Corrado/Clendenning/Baertschi, that will be about $3.5m gone leaving $5m in cap space.


pros: relatively young at 27, knows JB from Boston days, reliable dman who puts up assists, cheap $

cons: nothing really other than he doesn't score I guess? He's not a scorer anyways so not a problem


pros: BC boy, hits, scores - complete package, 27 years old,

cons: nothing that I know of


pros: BC boy, hits, scores, block shots, 27 years old, big frame

cons: not reliable defensively/inconsistent, will cost quite a bit/no breathing room cap wise


pros: does a little bit of everything, 24 years of age, still room to grow, physical

cons: not a guy you can rely to fix the defense/more of a depth player atm


pros: low risk-high reward, 26 years old, has all the tools, 2nd pair potential if things go right

cons: history of the injury bug, hasn't taken advantage of chances in Winnipeg

I personally would want Irwin. BC boy, brings everything to the table that Franson does but at a cheaper cost. Although he's doesn't have the offensive firepower as Franson, he's a lot better defensively and it makes up for it. Capable of putting up nice numbers as is. 2nd choice would be Bartkowski and 3rd Franson. Would love to have him but his cost will handicap the team and his lack of defensive awareness.

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Benning will favour Bartkowski, though Irwin is not a bad choice either. Hoff is old and dealing with a couple of concussions why risk it? I don't want to hear about the past anymore. Change is a constant folks. It's time to embrace it!

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