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Write a Eulogy for a Banned Member


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What the title says... so

Rick Grimes

Horvat/Tiger Singh

Verbatman/Johnny Hockey is 99/GetErDoneGMJB/Baking Soda

Brick Tamland





and anyone else you know of that's been banned.

This should get interesting...

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Gross Misconduct

You came, you left us a picture of a swollen kitty. I came. You left a picture of a baby lamb. I ate. In both cases I ate, I came and then went.

Gross Misconduct....we hardly knew ya. But Kassian will forever carry the weight of your world and the large exposed bee stung gal you posted on his shoulders

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RIP Baking Soda.

We hardly knew you. Except for that one time that you were Johnny Hockey is 99 and we got to hear all about your terrible trip to India. That was, at times, a fun thread. Rest in peace on MySpace, or whatever you kids use these days.

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Gross can be a lot of things. Of income, profit or interest it can be without deduction of tax or other contributions--a total. It can be an amount equal to twelve-dozen; that is, 144. And it can be something unattractively large or bloated, or essentially what your last thread was.

But one definition of the word which was introduced by you and is not yet in the dictionaries is this: a poster whose presence on a given forum makes it better. For that reason alone your departure leaves us sullen.

We'll miss you, guy.

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RIP to all you envelope pushers..living on the edgers...continual bashers and blow harders.....some of you were not bad... a few of you I didnt even know you were gone...but can honestly say I dont miss any of you ..except as Jazz said..maybe the kid who went to India and had the adventure of a lifetime..

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RIP Tiger Singh

Will always respect the way you used to use memes.


RIP Sven Baertschi/Baertscheese

Will always remember how you and De Niro used to argue about how Gaudreau was better than Schroeder... Too bad you weren't here to stick it to the fans who said Baertschi and Gaudreau sucked. :'(

Not confirmed banned but disappeared, Sully2Kool and canuckstrevor16:

Loved how insightful both of your posts were. Hopefully you come back.

Oh, and GM... Hopefully Kassian gets that one point in order to meet your expectations of 30 points... Also, nice perm.

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