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Matt Bartkowski New Canucks Defenseman


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Thats the worse dcore Ive seen in 10 years. This lineup was made to tank. not a bad thing

JB not as dumb as we think- wants to tank this year maybe crank real bad and draft one if the franchise D.

Trade Vrbata, Hamhuis, Higgins at deadline for 1st, 1st,2nd

But honestly the hurry is still out on him, he has not won a single trade yet and seems to have favorites which is not something a smart man has.

I think he actually drafted very well this year but am upset that he didn't move a guy like Higgins for a pick, who I feel is very replaceable.

Sedin Sedin burrows

Beartschi Bonino Vrbata

Higgins Horvat Hansen

Prust Vey Dorsett

Edler Tanev

Hamhuis Clendening

Sbisa Corrado

Bartowski Weber

That is not a good looking team, there are some dark days ahead

I predict we are bottom 3 in the west - which to me, is a good thing

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On 7/1/2015 at 10:53 AM, baumerman77 said:

Not much to this trade not an upgrade nor a downgrade just a plug, who will likely be traded on deadline.

lol.  about what you'd expect from baumermann77.   always making bold statements - never knows what he's talking about.

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1 hour ago, Alflives said:

He's a plug in the hole until a guy like Tryamkin comes over, or Pedan matures a bit more.

The chance of Tryamkin being a impact player is slim, but I would be thrilled. Pedan has alot of potential and I think he will do will. But I agree, he is a great asset as a 7th but should not be playing full time.

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1 hour ago, hlinkas wrister said:

So, we've seen a half season plus body of work out of this guy now. Thoughts ? Personally, I'd rather see Bart get dropped than Biega when Hammer comes back.

He is what he always was. A good 6/7 guy with speed and doesn't shy away from physical play. 

He's depth, not a top 4 D. People expecting Tanev levels of defensive play or some sort of offensive juggernaut are, as usual, out to lunch. 

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Bartkowski can skate with the puck, problem is that once he gets near the opponent blueline he doesnt know what to do with it. He reminds me of a Brian Campbell type player, good offensively but weak in his own zone. 

Hopefully he can progress enough to be safe in his own zone because you cant teach his skating ability 

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5 hours ago, two drink minimum said:

I like Bartkowski's grit and skating but his hockey sense and playmaking through the neutral zone need work

Yeah, it seems like his vision shuts down when he rushes the puck and he never seems to know when to dish it off.  He has the makings of a useful player but his decision-making isn't the best, like many of our D.

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