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Hometown?: Victoria

Favourite Food?: Hot wings

Favourite Colour?: n/a

Favourite Place to Vacation?: Golf courses

Favourite Player in the NHL?: Right now - Eddie Lack / Ever - Bobby Orr

Favourite Sport?: Hockey

Sports you have played?: Hockey, Lacrosse

Job?: Two

Pets?: Dog
First Car?: 1980 Honda Civic

Favourite Video Game?: EA NHL series

Favorite team besides the Canucks? Lions

Hobbies? Golf, Model trains

Favorite outdoor activity? Camping

First Job? Paper route

Coolest place you've ever been? Played TPC Scottsdale

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Hometown: - Vancouver

Favourite Food: - Beef Dip :mellow:

Favourite Colour: - Blue?

Favourite Place to Vacation: - I went to Mexico once, it was nice

Favourite Player in the NHL: - Don't really have one, let's say Luongo

Favourite Sport: - Hockey

Sports you have played: - I don't play sports because I don't have friends

Pets: - Dog
Favourite TV Show:
- Workaholics

Favourite Video Game: - Fallout/Elder's Scrolls series


Favourite Artist: - Eminem / Katy Perry

Other favourite NHL team?: - Calgary :ph34r:

Celebrity Crush: Vanessa Hudgens

Age: - Legal

Sex: - Yes please

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Hometown?: Victoria

Favourite Food?: Steak

Favourite Colour?: Green

Favourite Place to Vacation?: Like going somewhere new every time

Favourite Player in the NHL?: Ovi

Favourite Sport?: Hockey

Sports you have played?: Hockey, Rugby, Cycling

Job?: I sit in an office and crack jokes

Pets?: Cats

First Car?: 2015 Puma

Favourite Video Game?: GTA series

Favorite team besides the Canucks? Broncos

Hobbies? Scotch, beer, Xbox

Favorite outdoor activity? Mountain biking

First Job? Pack jar in box. Apply tape. Repeat

Coolest place you've ever been? Great Wall of China

Cats or Dogs?: Tigers

Blondes, Brunettes, or Gingers?: Why discriminate. One of each please

Favourite Pornstar?/recomendations please: Audrey Hollander

Favourite TV Show:GoT

Favourite Website (not CDC) Reddit.

Favourite Artist: - Vinnie Paz, RA the Rugged Man

Favourite drink: Laphroaig Quarter Cask

Other favourite NHL team?: - Montreal

Celebrity Crush: Emma Stone

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Here are some more:

Who was your "first love"? tell us more: none. all my x's are b****es

Cats or Dogs?: used to have 2 cats, I have 1 dog

Blondes, Brunettes, or Gingers?: brunettes

Favourite Pornstar?/recomendations please:lmao rly bruh Reilly Reid

(^dont ban me this is legal^)

what was the last text you sent?:" Go away "

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let me just tell you all about myself

i moved from hyderabad two years ago, i have a degree in computer engineering and worked at a call centre for telus as i studied. I cared not for ice hockey..

i only knowed now because i needed to make my clients trust me and feel safe b4 i pitch the offer for sports packages lekin i can't sell packages for sports i know nothing about...

my favourite sport is cricket and sacchin tendulkar is my hero.

i live in surrey now, i pick blueberries nd work at Lovely Sweets.

faovurite food: alo gobi and paratha ( sorry, not know the english...)

add me on kik

- dharmendra

End thread. :lol:

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Hometown: Calgary

Live now: Sunshine Coast (BC not Australia..)

Job: Retired after 30 years as a childcare worker/teacher

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite Color: Any shade of blue

Hobbies: Painting/Writing/Genealogy/Crafts

Favorite Hockey Player: Henrik Sedin

Favorite Sport: Hockey

Sports I played: Hockey/Baseball/|Volleyball/Tetherball

Favorite team besides the Canucks: NONE

Favorite holiday: Alaskan Cruise

Favorite tv show: Idiotest/Flash

Married to the love of my life for 31 years

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Hometown: Seattle

Favorite food: Thai

Favorite drink: Wine

Favorite fruit: Cheeries

Favorite colors: Blue, Green, Red

Favorite places to vacation: Iceland, Hawaii

Favorite player in the NHL: Luongo

Favorite sport: Hockey

Job: I work for a software company

Pets: Cat

First car: N/A, I don't drive

Favorite TV show: Don't have one

Favorite video games: Tetris, Super Mario Bros

Favorite team besides the Canucks: Montreal Canadiens

Favorite outdoor activities: Ice skating, enjoying nature

Coolest place I've been to: Iceland

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Hometown?: Burnaby

Favourite Food?: Italian food, I.e Pizza, Pasta, Lasagna

Favourite Colour?: Red

Favourite Place to Vacation?: Las Vegas

Favourite Player in the NHL?: Ovi

Favourite Sport?: Hockey

Sports you have played?: Hockey, Soccer

Job?: Yes

Pets?: A Bitch

Favourite Video Game?: Pokemon(Sorry, childhood2strong)

Favorite team besides the Canucks? PSG

Hobbies? Video games, Shaggin', Alcohol and "Herb" occasionally

Favorite outdoor activity? Soccer/Ball Hockey

First Job? Own business, offered basic services

Coolest place you've ever been? Paris

Cats or Dogs?: Bitches

Blondes, Brunettes, or Gingers?: All of the above

Favourite Pornstar?/recomendations please: Dillion Harper

Favourite TV Show: Futurama/The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air/Mostly other Cartoons.
Favourite Website (not CDC) Reddit.

Favourite Artist: - Tupac Shakur

Other favourite NHL team?: - Idk, I normally bandwagon underdogs. I usually stay true to the Canucks.

Celebrity Crush: I don't have one, so, Borat WegZ1Gq.png

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Hometown?: New York City

Favourite Food?: Apple

Favourite Colour?: Red

Favourite Place to Vacation?: New York

Favourite Player in the NHL?: Harry Lumley

Favourite Sport?: Apple Bobbing

Sports you have played?: Apple Bobbing

Job?: Apple store retail employee

Pets?: Applehead Chihuahua
First Car?: A Firetruck
Favourite TV Show?: My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Favourite TV Character?: Applejack

Favourite Video Game?: Apple Pippin

Favorite team besides the Canucks?: Rangers

Hobbies?: Cooking up some delicious apple pies

Favorite outdoor activity?: Eating apples while picnicking

First Job?: Selling apple juice on the street

Coolest place you've ever been?: New York City

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