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Taking an Indepth look at Our Farm System


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Time for CDC to remember that just because things aren't looking good for next year, are farm system is the deepest it have been in years

(July 2 2015 for ages))


McCann (19) Top 6

Cassels (20) 2/3 line center

Friesen (24) depth center

Adam Gaudette (18) Too early to tell

Dmitry Zukenov (18) Too early to tell (boom or bust)

Kyle Petit(19) Depth center

Joseph Labate Depth center

Fox (IDK)

Valk (who knows)


Grenier(23) (3rd liner winger)

Jensen(22) (I think he is a Left now)(middle six)

Boeser(18) (top 6)

Virtanen(18)(top 6)

Jasek (17)


Shinkaruk(20) (top 6)

Baertschi(22) (top 6)

Gaunce(21) (bottom 6)

Stewart? (19) too early to tell

Blomstrand (boom or bust top 6)


Hutton (22) (top 4)

Subban (20) (I don't think he will be anything more than a better version of Weber, PP specialist solid 5/6)

Corrado (22) (4/5)

Pedan (22) (tomorrow is his birthday) (bottom pairing)

Clendening (22)(4/5)

Cederholm (20) Bottom pairing)

Tryamkin (20) (Won't know until he comes over seas)

Neill (19) Too early to tell

Olson (18) Too early to tell

Brisebois (17) (top 4)

Saunter (Too early to tell)


Demko (19) Franchise/Elite starter (yes i know no one believes me, but just you wait)

The sky isnt falling

Young Roster players

Horvat 20 (top 6)

Vey 23 (honestly no one knows, this year will tell a lot about where Vey fits in)

Tanev 25 (2/3)

The point of this thread is to prove that the skying isn't falling and we aren't going to go into a prolonged period where we are going to be acquiring top 5 picks for multiple years. Everyone just needs to be more patient because the future is looking bright.

As you can tell we have a ton of depth at wing, but lack in qualitiy depth down the middle and on the backend that is where this years picks will be used.

Projections are IMO but I would think at least 33% of them would accurate

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Good breakdown, but don't mean Nothin Till they are on our roster

People don't care about anything but a cup. We've been teased for long enough. I think that's why u see so much negativity here. Nobody cares much about potential. We've been hearing that word for years. That's why it's a fishbowl here

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I'd agree with most of your projections, though there is always a sense of uncertainty when it comes to these sorts of things.

These projections are very optimistic. A recent thread on Canuck draft history shows how tough it is for drafted players to become NHL regulars. (See http://forum.canucks.com/topic/370851-discussion-canucks-drafting-history-2000-2010/?_ga=1.249670726.1703113449.1415773463)

In 11 years of drafts (2000-2010) The Canucks only drafted 10 players who have played 200 or more NHL games (a commonly used measure of being an established NHL "regular"). One or two more guys from 2008-10 might get added to the list. But we basically talking one player per year. Admittedly the Canucks were one of the worst drafting teams in the NHL over this period, but even the best teams only had about 20 "hits" over this period.

For example, projecting Hutton, Subban, Corrado, Clendening, Pedan, Cederholm and Brisebois all as NHL quality defencemen (even in a bottom pairing) is wildly optimistic. If one or two of those guys become top 4 guys and one or two more become solid bottom pairing players, that would be very good.

Same with forwards. For example, projecting Jensen as a "middle 6" winger is optimistic. It might happen but right now, given his trajectory, he is more likely to end up in Europe than in the NHL.

I not trying to be negative -- just adding a bit of realism. I agree that the Canucks now have the best pipeline they have had in probably 10 years.

To be Cup contenders we still need core players to build around, though -- a legitimate 1C to replace Henrik and a high end 1D of the type that pretty much every Stanley Cup team has (Lidstrom, Keith, Doughty, Chara, etc.)

We need one of those pieces (future 1C or 1D) from next year's draft.

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I don't disagree with OP's rankings, but they may hold true only within the Canucks roster.

How does this compare with the rest of the Pacific, or the rest of the league.

What freaks me out is how do we replace Sedin scoring (previously point-per-game guys)?

They may contribute 60 to 70pts this upcoming season and then who knows after that.
I don't see anything in the roster that is capable of competing with the top lines of many teams.

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Throughout the team's history, it was rare to have more than 2-3 players in the system that projected as top-6 forwards. Now we arguably have 6-8.

This. The Canucks pipeline has historically been about THE NEXT ONE because that one was the only promising prospect we had at the time. We're in a period where we have many, many kids who could make the show that we'll start seeing over the next few years.

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Average group of prospects. Very few with real possibility to be in the top 6 and pretty much no prospects with a likely possibility of being a top 4 D-man. We still need to add high end skill. Depth is fine to have in a prospect pool, but top end talent is far better. We are probably somewhere between 10-20th in the league as far as prospects go.

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