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Could be a deal done during the season. (In terms of when it could be done if done and not the likeliness of it happening)

Dan Hamhuis


STL 1st round pick

Tommy Vannelli

Why STL does this? They lack a solid LD to play with either Pietrangelo or Shattenkirk. They also lost Jackman. Hamhuis would be a nice addition. Pair him with either Pietrangelo or Shattenkirk and he could put up more points then he does in Vancouver while being able to play against other teams top players. Vannelli is expendable with having Shattenkirk(26) and Pietrangelo(25) who both play on the right side top of Schmaltz who is a better RD prospect.

Why VAN does this? If we don't plan on re-signing Hamhuis then we should move him as we can get a good return for him. We get a 1st(20-30) on top of Vannelli who is a solid RD prospect with size and offensive upside. He will be starting his first season in the AHL next year with 3 years left on his ELC adding more depth to our defense pool. This is basically a Sekera-like return. Hamhuis is better IMO but Sekera is almost 4 years younger than Hamhuis.

Flame away.

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Maybe we can get a higher 1st rounder for Hammer, but this is the type of deal we should be looking for. Good proposal J-dog.

I don't think Hamhuis will waive unless he's going to a playoff team. I think STL is still a playoff team, especially with one more solid addition. They're not contenders so we'd probably be getting somewhere around 20-25th overall, possibly a spot or two higher

How about Hamhuis straight up for Schmaltz?

But yes good concept...

I've read a lot that he has top 2 upside. If he does pan out he'd make Shattenkirk expendable. The return they'd get for him would be godly.

I know he makes Vannelli expendable. I don't know if STL would trade him and I also think Vannelli + 1st would be a better return for us.

If they're going all in and the Canucks arent, Benning should add Higgins to pry out Reaves from them.

I wouldn't do that if I were STL. He is on a 3 year/1.125M which is a real good deal for them. Not to mention hey need to re-sign Tarasenko and a few other role players. They have 15-16M in cap after the Oshie deal. They should have enough cap to take in Hammer's contract during the season.

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Over payment on STLs part IMO. Probably would just get the first outta them unless they have serious D injuries and really want to take a run at it.

Not really.

STL has Schmaltz who has similar qualities but with better upside than Vannelli. You are also probably not going to get many opportunities with having Shattenkirk and Pietrangelo on your right side. Also STL will probably add a veteran top 6 RD for insurance. Vannelli will just get buried in the RD depth they have there. This makes him an expendable piece.

Sekera got a 1st and McKeown. The price for quality defense is usually high during the season.

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