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[Article] Why not Cody Franson

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We have Cassel's to push Vey we dont need anymore signings at centre unless its a #1 guy which we cant afford anyways.

Cassels needs to play lots and figure out his game in the AHL not centring a plug line with Dorsett and Prust

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I meant 40 point pace seasons, which he's had a few of. Even last season, despite a terrible Nashville stint, he scored in the high 30s. We had one defenceman eclipse the 30 point mark last season out of 7 guys. That's rediculous.

Meanwhile the Flames will have two 60 point defencemen next season and a couple of 40 point guys. Hamilton alone may well outscore our entire defence when you consider Edler is a 30 point defenceman at best now, Tanev is no better, Hamhuis couldn't score a goal to save his life last year, Bartowski is goal-less in his entire NHL career and a couple of rookies in Corrado and Clendening are stepping in.

You don't produce from the back end and you won't win games in this fast-paced, new-aged NHL. Our offence was too one-dimensional last season, with all the firepower coming from up front, and it was shut down pretty easily. You add a new dimension to every attack such as a puck moving threat like Franson and suddenly we're much harder to defend.

In case you hadn't noticed, we're not contending. Spending big money and a roster spot on a guy to make us still mediocre is not a good game plan at this stage.

Also Edler would still be a ~40 point D man if he had a more offensively inclined partner. Tanev is pretty much where offense goes to die.

And for about the 40th time, Franson IS NOT A PMD.

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Franson is good with the first pass out of his own zone, has a great reach (being 6'5") and has a great shot on the PP....after that there is a lot to be desired. He makes poor decisions and is slow-footed. He may be suitable for some team out there, but at this point and time, it's not the Canucks. We need that right side spot to see what Clendening and Corrado have to offer over a full season.

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There is still no need to rush Corrado. Let him keep playing with Utica and getting a lot of minutes.

Corrado is waivers eligible, as is Clendening. They're both right side players (with Corrado able to play his off side as well).

We aren't signing Franson because he will get overpaid significantly in both salary and term. And while he can help offensively, he's not particularly a puck-moving defenceman either. He doesn't solve a major need of ours, and isn't that necessary at a time where we're re-tooling for the future.

Saving that cap can allow Benning to go after better players next summer.

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I'm at the point where I don't want van to try and get bettee and compete with these Ufa signings. Need to trade vrbata Higgins hansen burrows hamhuis etc around the trade deadline and/or 2016 draft. Get a top 5 pick and see where the roster is at then. I don't see why we couldn't compete after 1 really bad yeae if done correctly

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i completely disagree

I'd rather Cassels be playing top line minutes in the AHL playing with our top young prisoects down there. If you want his offence to develop you give him the opportunity to play with offensive players. There's nothing wrong with being patient

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I've said this from the beginning of free agency, Franson would fit here PERFECTLY for the following reasons:

1) He's a big framed puck moving defenceman. The Canucks defence last season was one of the lowest scoring defences in the NHL, with Edler the only one putting up over 30 points, and of them, 6 came in the last couple of games against bottom feeders. Essentially, our highest scoring defenceman put up 25-30 points. Pathetic. Franson has had several 40+ point seasons.

2) Franson's a right handed defenceman. We just traded away Bieksa, leaving a nice hole there on the right side.

3) Franson and Hamhuis would have undeniable chemistry. Both are BC boys, they played in Nashville together, Hamhuis is a shutdown defenceman while Franson is a risky puck mover. They would be a very solid 2nd pairing.

4) Franson is a powerplay specialist, and the Canucks had a woeful powerplay with AHL-defenceman-caliber Weber on the first unit right side.

5) Franson is used to playing in a Candian market, and in fact had far more success in Toronto under pressure than he did in Nashville.

6) He's coming off a pretty terrible stint with Nashville where he clearly didn't fit in and because of their depth, he was playing 3rd pairing minutes and not producing. This is a poor indication of what he'd be like in Vancouver, where he'd receive Toronto-like responsibilities and minutes. The poor production in Nashville gives us some leverige for making a deal.

7) He's still only 28, and no teams have made a solid offer for him yet. We've got some cap space available now and while it may be a bit late (thanks to the Prust deal), we may still be able to offer him 4-5M for a season or two.

Sure, Franson would be asking for a long term, high price deal, but as the days tick by he's getting more and more desperate. Hopefully JB can swindle a 1 or 2 year deal for 4-5M, ideally 1 year. I consider this move to be very similar to the Del Zotto signing a while back where he went to Nashville, bombed out and was desperate for a deal after having success in New York.

Cap-wise, the Canucks have 4.8M in cap space right now with some RFAs caps not counting to it yet. We could ship off Sbisa to free up another 3M to sign Franson which is something I'd do in a blink of an eye. For example, Sbisa to Pittsburgh for a 2nd round pick (they need defence). Sign Franson to a 1 year, 5M deal.

Edler - Tanev

Hamhuis - Franson

Bartowski - Clendening



There's a defence with far more balance already. Franson is a huge upgrade on Weber, Bartowski is better statistically than Sbisa and Clendening will hopefully do better than Bieksa.

1) That's just not true at all. He's barely topped 30 points in the NHL. How hard is it to use google?

2) Not really, no. We have 4 waiver-eligible RHD's as it currently stands.

3) There's literally zero proof of that. That's simply your opinion.

5) His 29 points in 80 games during the 2010-11 season with Nashville are pretty comparable to his numbers with Toronto, and if I'm not mistaken he did that with less TOI and PP time (having guys like Weber and Suter in front of him).

If people get frustrated with Alex Edler's inconsistency, we'll be seeing riots similar to 2011 with Franson in a Canucks sweater. Also, he's really slow...

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If Benning says Corrado and Clendening are ready, then that means they are ready. I'm sure Franson will find an opportunity elsewhere, and it's only a matter of time. CSE needs to keep an eye on the situation if it comes to a situation where Franson is not able to secure a job before season start, but for now the priority should be to make sure that Corrado and Clendening get started.

Franson might be pricing himself a bit too high for the time being, but there are still plenty of openings for him around the NHL.

We have injuries on D pretty much every year. There is room for Franson, Corrado and Clendening. Franson also provides more experience, two-way ability and puck moving skill than either rookie will bring. I'm all for signing Franson to a reasonable contract.

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