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My 1000th post! :)


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Hey fellow CDC'ers, kj29 here.

I'll try to keep it short and enjoyable, even though I doubt many of you will actually read this.

I know that I may not be well known around here, but I try my best to have a good time on these boards. When I joined on March 7th, 2012 - yes, I know, that's quite a long time ago, I did not know what I was getting myself into. But luckily, I've had my fair share of entertainment and laughter. The countless times I've laughed so hard that my stomach was hurting... ooh, those were the good days.

I remember the first year I was on here, how new and amazing this seemed to me... Now? Hmm... not so much :P But nevertheless, you guys never fail to amuse me with your intriguing topics and clever status updates (ok, maybe the last one was a lie). In the summertime, after we had lost in the first round to the LA Kings, I actually vowed to stay off CDC until the next season started, which surprisingly was not broken... until I made the same vow the next summer. I broke it the year after, too.

So... onto the more exciting part, even though I betcha that I already have entertained you with my excellent paragraph writing, hehe. One time, I think I overused the word "retard" a little too much in one of my 1000 posts and "accidentally" hurt another user's feeling, oh, poor them. As a result, I actually got banned in the spring of 2013, which NOT surprisingly still stands as my lone ban of my time on CDC to this day and counting.

Up until 2013, I would always hang around in Canucks talk and White Noise. It was then, that I figured there may be a section on here that would be all on Fantasy Hockey since I had recently found a ton of interest in it. So I did eventually find it, thankfully. I soon got carried away and picked up my first job as AGM in CDC STHS, which still is running to this day, you should check it out sometime! I hear there are a bunch of dank memes and tarps for sale! ;)

I soon became very attached to this section of the board and started joining all the leagues that I could to gain experience and reputation. I still actively participate in league in FN and plan to continue. But occasionally, I do take a peek at Canucks Talk to point out any Tiger Singh imposters :P

Though to this day, I do not have a very good reputation around here and may seem like a stranger to many, don't worry, at least I have a butler to give me a reality check ;) ... Looking at you, Gally! Huehuehue.

And though I may not know any of you in real life, you guys have showed me that you don't necessarily need to fully know a person before you can treat them with respect. It's never too late to brighten someone's day and cheer them up when they need someone to lead them out of darkness.

Life lesson complete. Now for the fun part........ shout-outs! :towel:

logic aka Machine Gun Kelly - Thanks for introducing me to the Fantasy Hockey World on CDC by hiring me as an AGM in STHS! Man, that was 2 years ago but I will never forget that.

Gally - Thanks for being a horrible butler. Jk. You're great. You're awesome. Thanks for the laughs and funny chats that we had. Enjoyed it all the time, haha. Good times... thanks for all the teasing though. Forever bae :wub:

Caboose - For teaching me the perks of trading through a tough approach. To be honest with you, one time in CDCFL you were all bitchin' that I almost quit CDC... LOL. Luckily, we reconciled and now Cody Franson is unemployed. Lol... good times good times. Another memory was when you were mad at me for saying frack you. LOL. And I was mad at you for firing me (lappy40 lol)... At least I'm not unemployed now... Hahahahahaha.

JE - I bet if I don't give you a shutout, you'll be like "WOATj". So I guess I won't leave you out. LOL remember Caboose's trade with Peaches... classic. To be honest, you are kind of a jerk sometimes but it's funny to see your reactions... especially to this thread #bigblush

AriGold - Sorry if I thought Jordan Eberle was available in the 6th round........ ;)

Nail - When is someone ever gonna hammer you? I think now is a good time B)

D.Doughty - Too bad you aren't here to watch Dubnyk's dominance...

Kazmanian Devil - As long as you ask for them, dank memes will forever dominate

Tiger Singh - You will be forever missed, bud..... Thanks for being the joke of CDC tho

I think that's good enough, sorry if I did not tag you, that just means you are too invisible to me, heh. Try bribing me with reputation points, though. I loveeeee those :bigblush: (No, I could not post this thread without using the Almighty smiley #bigblush) But I guess that's all for now.

It's been a great 3 years on CDC... Thanks for everything, guys. :) #1000thpost

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