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Wth is this? First off, Weaver is an UFA. Beyond that, what's the point of this proposal except to get DSP (which Montreal wouldn't do for the return proposed).

Also. Who the hell is Andrew Ming?

Troll post all around

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To Van:

Mike Weaver

Devante Smith-Pelley

Andrew Ming

2016 5th

2017 4th

To Mtl:

Ludwig Blomstrand

Brandon DeFazio

Kent Huskiness

2016 4th

This isn't serious, right?

Vancouver gets a prospect (DSP,) comes out ahead on the draft picks and gets a couple of spare parts for an ECHL winger, an aging former NHL defenceman who would never make the Canadiens in the future and a free agent the Canucks won't be signing.

So effectively the Canucks are getting DSP and a 5th rounder for nothing. Great way to do business if you can swing it, but why would Montreal go for this?

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