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This is just a feeler thread to see who would be interested in a new dynasty league, the CDC Fantasy SuperLeague.

As it stands right now, SwedeHockey and I are co-comissioners, and we would like one more - preferably with experience - to help run things. We're also looking for 10-30 GMs. We're going to need agents for each division - depending on how many teams and divisions we end up with, we'll need between 2-6 agents.

As far as teams go, we're looking at a few ideas:

1) Current NHL teams,

2) NHL teams past and/or present,

3) Hockey teams from around the world, or

4) All of the above.

However, we'll be dealing with current NHL teams for now unless the GMs would want to do otherwise.

We will be using pickuphockey.com as our website.

If you are interested in the role of co-comissioner, agent, and/or team GM, please send me or SwedeHockey an application form expressing your interest. We would like people who are committed to being active with their teams.


- Jazz and SH

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