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[Hired] Jarkko Ruutu by the Blue Jackets

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Blue Jackets hire Jarkko Ruutu to work with European prospects


I always enjoyed the way he played hockey and his on-ice personality was like no other. It's nice to see an NHL team recognize him as a positive influence on young players.

i'd be teaching young kids this, too

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I think it's quite cool to see a lot of European influence in the management of an NHL team. Different than the other 29 teams for better or worse.

Jarmo Kekkelainen is one of the smartest minds in hockey.

Good for Jarkko! Columbus sure love their Finns, head of scouting is Finnish as well right?

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Not that it necessarily means anything related to Jarkko's success as a member of the BJ's development team. It is interesting to note that his older brother is a scout for the Ottawa Senators.

Mikko Ruutu was drafted by the Sens but a knee injury ended his playing career before it really began.

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