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10 dead, 53 injured over the weekend in Chicago shootings, and mob violence in Cincinnati

Mr. Ambien

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They're the reason innocent black people get shot by cops. It's awful.

It's also why I won't move to the USA. RIP

most blacks got guns so cops are always protective of themselves, either kill or be kill... watched some documentary, alot of kids in elementary and high school have access to guns..

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If it were just a bunch of random thugs shooting each other it'd be one thing, but Chicago is home base for a bunch of supergangs, plus the Chicago Outfit, a powerful Russian mafia element and the Outlaws MC.

Thus the gangs have big boy connections and will stay awash in guns and ammo no matter how tough the local gun laws are.

Plus, we're talking about Chicago here, possibly the most corrupt city in the country.

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