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It's one or the other? No middle ground?

You beat me to it, because that's exactly where I think we'll land. My hope is though (obviously we win a cup :P) that we are on the outside looking in come TDL and we trade vets for picks. End up around 22-26 in the league cuz we aren't bad enough to be in the basement. I've already seen the writing on the wall that this season will be a transition year, and I'll root em on til I lose my voice... I just don't see us having the ponies to get there.

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im thinking barring injuries and major trades we can be either or , so im torn between your two choices. of course i want the canucks to make the summer shorter for nucks fans but im sure the consensus wants a top five pick.

im gonna go with make the playoffs and fall short *gulp*

Benning wants to remain competitive and making the playoffs is still viable regardless of how good the teams are in our division and conference.

the beauty of the game of hockey is you just dont know what is gonna happen on and off the ice. Canucks could rip it up and win it all or they could fall apart and blow this team up. Either way, looking forward to the next season win or lose!

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How would I like to see us finish? I'd like to make it into the playoffs with the worst record of any playoff team. We make it to game 7 of round 2 then get knocked out in a close game. We still get to pick 15th Overall. Playoff fun and a pretty high pick.

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I can't pick any. If we make the playoffs, sadly, we'll lose. If we get a top five, we pretty much lost all year. If we miss the playoffs but finish somewhere in the middle, we still lost most of the year and we can't win a lottery.

In summary: I hate losing, those are all losing options. I want them to win the cup and draft first overall, every year.

Realistically: I have no damn idea. I thought we'd finish bottom ten last year so...ya.

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In this upcoming season, how would you like to see the Canucks finish in the regular season?

A Make the playoffs

B Finish at the bottom (get a top 5 pick)

C Miss the playoffs, but not low enough for a top 5 pick.

D None of the above.

D! I'm hoping for multiple 1st rounders though!

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Make the playoffs anything can happen.

While its unlikely we make the playoffs, I'll be pumped the day after the regular season ends and we're in. I will also be super disappointed when we get bounced in the 1st/ round.

What I want is for the Canucks to win. The Stanley cup. The next game verses the Flames, Oilers, Kassian, Lack, the next game verses Marchand and the Bruins, the next game verses the Rangers. I want the Canucks to win the next game period.

I've read about how every cup winning team the past ## years has had a true number one Dman. I've read that statistically most great teams start really bad, acquire top level talent through the draft and then with development become really good.

I've been a fan all my life, I have never seen a champion. Will I be disappointed when we don't win the next game? yes. Do I understand there is more to winning a championship than just winning the next game? yes. Will I call for Trevor Jim or Willies head when we miss the playoffs but still finish too high for, or cant trade for a high draft pic? no.

Love to win Hate to lose, a human condition? Just like everyone else some of the moves (Sbisa, Kassian) may have left me uneasy and maybe a little panicked. I like to believe turning around a franchise takes more than a year, much like turning around a playoff series starts with one game, but you cant stop there. Or turning a game around takes one shift, its just the start. The big picture matters and I like to think (hope) Canucks brass also loves to win hates to lose, and they maybe have a better understanding of how to fix a franchise than I do. I'll give it 3/4 years before grabbing the ol' pitch fork and marching

..the glass is half awsome

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